As Galen watched Llewellyn, the wizard watched Galen. He waved his wand directly at the lad as he muttered several short burst of incantation. Galen suddenly felt the magical mesh undergarment's restriction disappear. A huge smile spread across his face at his first touch of real freedom, for well over a decade.

"Turn into something, shape shifter!" Judas demanded.

"I ... I don't know how. I was only little when I came here. My parents never had a chance to teach me." Galen protested. The Van Helsings had kidnapped Galen and murdered his family when he was only six years old.

It's in your blood, you've been tested for it. Visualize a bird in your mind, and let your body do the rest." Elektra said, not unkindly. She was the lesser of two evils.

A distinct image flashed into his mind, and before he could think about it, his body began to change. It wasn't painful for him, but it was mega weird. It only took about ten minutes for Galen's ability as a shape shifter to turn him into a pterodactyl!

"I said a bird!" Judas bellowed, as Galen flew straight up to the ceiling to hover beside Llewellyn.

"A pterodactyl is a prehistoric bird." The weasel wizard remarked calmly beside Judas.

He had no investment in the proceedings besides restoring the boys' powers, so he really didn't care what they did with them. Besides, Judas's anger amused him. He loved conflict.

"I didn't ask your opinion!" Judas roared.

He couldn't stand it when someone made him feel foolish, which Galen and the wizard had done remarkably well. The small man shrugged, twisted himself into a whirlwind, then disappeared.

"I suppose this configuration of his shape will do just as well. The dragon won't have to carry him, and he can change into the woman when they get to the island."

Elektra spoke quietly, to diffuse her husband's anger. When Judas was in full fury he went psychotic. He was even capable of hurting her in that state, so it was in her best interest to keep him calm.

"Fine!" Judas snapped sourly. 'Now we train you to follow the plan exactly. Don't forget, we will know where you are and what you're doing every second. Any attempt to escape or change the plan will be fatal to both of You!"

That wasn't strictly true. They did have tracking devices implanted in their skulls, but they could be easily removed by any good human surgeon, or a magical medic. Also, Judas had no idea how the boys would be affected by the island. His only control over them was the threat of a painful death now the restrictions were lifted off their powers. The Van Helsings couldn't take their abilities away again, because only the little wizard could do that. The boys didn't know it, but when they reached the island, they would be truly free.

The boys flew out of the stronghold at dusk, with a firm understanding of exactly where they were going, and how to get there. As soon as they landed, Galen was to turn into an exact duplicate of Gloria. He could do it, too. He practised the whole afternoon changing his body back and forth from himself to Gloria, to Llewellyn, to a peony bush. Galen did that one just because he liked their smell.

The boys expected to fly all night to reach the island, but they had only been in the air a couple of hours, when they found it. The silhouette of the castle in the middle of it proved to them they had found the right place. They expected to be stopped by a wall of protective magic, so they each wore a Golden bracelet with elven runes etched on them. The magic in the bracelets could punch an opening in almost any protective barrier around the island. That proved not to be necessary, though.

It was pitch dark above the island as they approached, but there was an area on top of the cliff with a bonfire burning brightly, almost as a beacon. This looked like a trap for sure, but the boys followed the light of the fire like moths to a flame. The moment they touched down beside the fire, they were under the influence of the island. The Van Helsings couldn't touch them. They stared at the fire, mesmerized by it, so they didn't notice when they were surrounded by a small group of people.

Ben, who led the group, barked a sharp command. The boys were immediately released from their trance. They stood quietly as Ben and Sarah approached.

"Hello Galen, Llewellyn. I'm Ben, and this is Sarah. We know who you are, and why you're here. We've known for weeks, so we are fully prepared to help you kidnap Sarah Morgan. "

They were too stunned to react in any way. They stared at Ben, unable to comprehend what he was saying. This man was going to help them kidnap the baby? That didn't make sense!

With the mention of her name, The child lepta out of her mother's arms, and bounded toward Llewellyn like a young kangaroo. She walked over to one of his wings, which were resting on the ground. She plopped herself down full length on the wing tip, and gripped the edges firmly. She looked up at his startled face and gave him a full blast of her charming grin.

"Fwy me to da moon ..." She sang."

The entire group around the fire, including the boys, broke into peals of laughter. Gloria came over and plucked her daughter off the leathery wing.

"Dwagon," Sarah Morgan said, as she held her arms out to him.

" Why don't you take her for a few minutes, Llewellyn, get used to her weight. You'll be carrying her in a sling under your chest. You'll be holding her in your arms as you fly to protect her from the elements."

She held the baby out him, so he had no choice but to take Sarah Morgan gently into his arms. He held her firmly to his chest, scared to death he might drop her. He had no experience at all with babies. Gloria wasn't the least bit worried. She could tell by his aura that he would rather die than allow her to be harmed. Sarah Morgan curled up inside Llewellyn's protective embrace, and fell asleep.


The End

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