Evil Plans

Galen and Lewellyn sat among the fallen leaves on the forest floor, and glared at the drael, who glared back with a wicked grin. His master and mistress  had sent him to the woods to find the two teens  to deliver a message.  Judas and Elektra wanted them to go to the castle stronghold, to discuss an important mission.

"They haven't been able to make us cooperate over the years, even though they damned near killed us. What makes them think we'll agree to go on their mission? Galen growled in anger.

"They're offering both of you your freedom, and your full abilities back; that's why they think you'll cooperate," the drael sneered.

"Ill just bet they'll let us go free. As soon as we've done their dirty work, they'll enslave us again. I don't trust their promises for a minute." Galen said, his voice sharp with belligerence.

"I don't trust  them any further than I could throw this tree," Llewellyn agreed with Galen.

He flapped his leathery wings for a moment, then snorted out several puffs of smoke. When he had his full powers back, he would be able to breathe real fire. He had only been six or seven when the Van Helsings killed his parents, and took him hostage. He could barely remember his parents, or what it was like to have full powers.

"You don't have a choice anyway. If you don't do what they say, they'll kill you right where you stand. I don't imagine it will be quick or painless either."  The drael said in a bored voice as he inspected his filthy claws.

Galen's shoulders slumped in defeat. he knew the drael was telling the truth. If he and Llewellyn didn't do as they were told, they would probably be tortured to death. The drael hovered slightly above Galen and tried to pull him to his feet, but he resisted, so the monster hooked his claws around the teen's arms.

"We have to go. The master wants both of you in the war room."  As the drael spoke, he lifted Galen off the ground and flew at top speed to the stronghold, with the teen dangling between his claws. Llewellyn flew under his friend, just in case the decided to drop him, just out of spite. The drael flew through the large open window of the war room, and unceremoniously dumped his human cargo on the floor. Llewellyn flew in right after, and landed on the floor beside Galen.

"It's about time you got here." Judas growled angrily. "Get out of here drael, before I turn you into a big reeking turd and use you for fertilizer."

The monster threw a resentful glare at Galen ,then flew back out the window.

Judas stood in front of a huge map that took up the entire end wall of the room. Elektra stood near the the far side of the map.

"Stand up and show some respect!" Judas bellowed.

 He waved his hand at the the pair, and they were immediately lifted from the floor, then set on their feet in front of him.Judas was not one to beat around the bush, so he got right to the point.

"Dragon, you're going to fly this sorry piece of crap with you, to this island." He indicated the map on the wall with a wave of his hand.

"I will give you the general coordinates, but you might have to do some searching. That blasted island keeps moving. When you get there shape shifter,  you are going to turn yourself into a replica of this woman." Judas waved a hand and a life sized picture of Gloria holding Sarah Morgan, materialized on a section of the map.

"Why?" Galen clapped his hand over his mouth. It wasn't healthy to question a Van Helsing, you just might find yourself hanging upside down from the ceiling.

The patriarch of the family glared at him for a long moment, then decided to answer the question.

"You are going to kidnap this child and bring her back here. You know that you have a tracking device implanted in your brain. If you try to escape without completing your mission, I will send out a high pitched frequency of sound that will find you, and explode your brain right inside your skull!"

Galen stood his ground and stared at Judas. He didn't want to kidnap a baby, but it seemed he had no choice.

"You will leave in two days. Tomorrow, you will be given your full abilities back  to be trained to use them for this mission. Now both of you go to  your rooms. You will be contacted after breakfast in the morning. We will go over your mission strategy then." Judas turned his back on them in dismissal.

The End

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