A gentle drop of water carefully trickled down my window pane, in the dimmed orange glow light of my office I slowly sat back in my chair and clicked off my earpiece. There was no doubt she would pass, unfortunately.  The blonde half blood they had tasked me to look after was my own granddaughter, just like her father I presumed she would be a useless wastrel with no respect for our court and their line, I had even planned out her failure report in my head before they set foot in the forest.

“The half blood wasn’t even born into our world, she hadn’t even known who she was until a month or two back.” I grumbled to myself, presuming I was alone in my office.

“Well I like her Cecil.” A calm silken voice gentle as lilac made me spin quickly in my large black plush chair. “She has real talent and great leadership, you can’t deny that.”

“No, you can’t.” I muttered bitterly, “but surely we cannot let someone who doesn’t even know a single faerie prayer become one of us! She may be truly gifted but there is still a lot of room for her to be an embarrassment”

Helena paused for a moment and readjusted the intricate golden headpiece she wore. “Cecil you know as well as I that she is already one of us. It would not matter if she passed or failed, she already has her wings, the spirits must have a great destiny for her.” The thought of destiny was always around with Helena, she believed everyone was set out for something. Her eyes had wandered out through the window and out across the foggy tipped mountains ahead.

My words snapped her from her beloved daydream. “Nonsense! The spirits would not pick a human daughter of an abandoner to his race! The rules cannot be broken, if I choose not to pass her then her wings will be... removed, like anyone else who would dare have wings without passing a test.”

“Cecil look once again at her blood, she is far more faerie than human, and tell me has the faerie in her not grown since she arrived here?” Helena’s voice took a very commanding powerful tone. “We both know you cannot fail her Cecil, even you cannot be as blind to not see that Morgan of Ollerond is special, she may be new to us but the powers she possesses would be quite an achievement for someone of your age and nobility. Your son has called a meeting with us, you should be proud of them both.”

I opened my mouth to contest her point but I found she had already silently departed the room. The young princess was powerful and wise with knowledge and skill past her short years even picking up the change in Morgan’s blood, but it would not be her decision if I passed my granddaughter or not. Unfortunately I had been thinking for hours and come up with no way to justify failing her, she got three out of four lesser idols, reached the main idol and lead a group out of the woods, healing wounds, using wings she is physically not meant to have yet and controlling three affinities. I had even looked for rules about using more than one element in testing, but it seemed to have never happened before.

If I had made it my way she would be a broken pile of blood soaked bones buried under the ravine long ago, with her useless father beside her as the wolves slowly descended, leaving my line to my other son, childless he would be easy to dispose of and then Kain would continue our name. I didn’t like the thought of killing off my children but if it was necessary for our family line to hold its place in council then I would have done it. If the line had meant anything to my youngest sons they would have stayed in our world and had full blood children like Kain did.

I shoved a small voice from the back of my mind but its words lingered where it had been. “Good thing you didn’t have your way then, with the right attitude maybe she could be a very worthy heir.”  No she still had a long way to go before I would consent her take my position, she would defiantly need some careful watching.

I drummed my fingers against the old oak desk. I mumbled as I replayed her tests in my mind. She had excelled beyond expectations that was granted, I didn’t like it but it was true.  As a candidate she was incredible, as my granddaughter she would have to prove more to me over time. Just because she passed the test wouldn’t mean she could survive in our world, just because she had powers didn’t mean she could use them to their full extent.

If the point of my sons meeting was to parade his talented spawn around then there would still be time for him to end up under a lake. I grinned at this prospect, that would teach him to show his face here after not visiting for twenty years.

The End

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