Water, Water, Crashing Down!

Katha immediately throws her arms around me in a giant hug. “Morgan! I was so hoping it was you. Do you have all of your group with you? Has Hacky Zack failed yet?”

I give Katha a quick hug then step back and shake my head. “No to both.”

Katha pouts. My connection with Nature is pricking at me again. I look down the ravine. I can sense a great amount of water heading towards us. I see the boy who was tending to David also glancing up river.

“I think we need to all get up to the top of the ravine,” I tell her. The urgency is increasing.

“How will we get up?” Katha looks up the tall cliff.

The tattered end of the bridge swings fifteen feet or so up from where we are. 

“Theo and I can give everyone a boost to the bridge then it’s a matter of climbing.”

“I think we better hurry,” the boy states.

The ground is beginning to shake. The water is coming nearer and it’s coming fast. I make Katha go first, then the other girl of her group, then Theo, then David, then the other boy and at last me. Katha scales quickly. Theo is nearly as fast, quickly passing the other girl. Even David and the other boy soon pass her. I stay behind her as Katha shouts down encouragements.

The rumbling is getting stronger. We are only half way up, when I feel that the water is nearly upon us. The girl freezes. I climb up next to her trying to encourage her to move. I glance up river in the direction of her gaze and see what she sees. A wall of water is rushing for us. Its waves bounce of the cliffs sending rocks plummeting into its depths.

I feel someone above trying to control it. I add my efforts. It’s no use. Like the fire, we cannot stop it, only slow it. The water was given a purpose and from that purpose it will not deviate. I grab hold of the girl who’s not moving and twist the bridge so that I take the brunt of the water.

It slams into me like a brick wall, but I hold my thoughts clear. I make the waves calm where we are. My arms ache from gripping both the girl and the rope. At last the water subsides. There’s whoops and hollers from above.

I smile at the girl. “Let’s go join them shall we?”

She nods and continues her ascent. I follow behind her. I am exhausted. Bolstered by air from Theo and Martha I manage the last bit. Eight hands pull me over the edge onto solid ground. I collapse and pull on Nature for just a little extra strength; just enough to allow me to rummage in my pack for food. Everyone else is doing the same.

“Anyone know what’s going on?” Katha asks.

Everyone shakes their head, but me. I look up from my food as I sense eyes on me. “More testing,” I state.

“I still want to know how you know.” Zack’s friend comments.

“I told you,” David says, “She’s a Master Elementalist, Mickity Pickity”

The two boys lock eyes. I sigh. “Enough.” Though my voice is quiet I have managed Grandma B’s tone of command. Everyone faces me. I look down at the ground.

Breathe. Be strong.

“We need to set aside our prejudices,” I look pointedly at David and Zack’s friend, whose name I do not know, “and work together.”

“Exactly!” Katha agrees, looking pointedly at the two in her group that I don’t know.

“So who is everyone and what are your affinities?” Theo pipes up from beside me. “I’m Theo and mine is Air.”

Katha goes next, which means I’ll go last. I listen carefully so I can get all their names. Hazel is Earth and Luke is Water like me. Michael, Zack’s friend is Fire like Katha. David is Earth and Martha is Air, like Theo. Everyone looks at me. I take a deep breath. I do not know how they will react to what I say, but I feel they should know the truth.

I close my eyes and pull myself up straight. “My name is Morgan and I am Water, Fire and Air.”

“Three Afinities? No way!” I feel disbelief run around the circle. I open my eyes to see Michael and Luke exchanging glances. I know they are wondering how a half-blood got to be so powerful. Yet, it is Katha’s glance that disturbs me most.

“Just like Morgan le Fay,” she whispers, bowing her head to me.

Everyone now stares at me. All but Luke and Michael bow their heads like Martha.

“I am not Morgan le Fay! I am Morgan of Ollerond, a half-blood who just happens to have three affinities!” I stand and walk away, tears welling in my eyes.

I do not want to be worshiped or followed because of my power. I want to be accepted for me. I do not want to be compared to Her. She allowed the dark side of the elements to control her. I will not do that. I will not be dark. I am light.  I am, opening my eyes wide as I see a tornado coming through the trees. I turn quickly back to the group.


The End

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