I wake to the insistent ringing of a bell. I scramble out of the tent into the cool predawn light. Charles is going haywire at the bungalow.

“Morgan, pack your things quickly,” he calls to me, “We have to leave as soon as possible.”

I clamber back into my tent, change and quickly shove things back into my pack. I scramble out with my bag, only to see Martha scrambling back into her tent.

David is now at the bell. I look around and see Charles at Zack’s tent. Both he and his friend are apparently being hard to wake. Soon Martha comes out bag in hand. We hurry to where David looks as though his arm is about to fall off.

“Did you get your stuff?” Martha asks David. He shakes his head.

Martha takes over the bell and David quickly dives into his tent. I wish I’d taken a shower yesterday. Oh well, ending in my pond probably got me clean enough. I take over for Martha when she looks like she can’t take it any more.

“Morgan!” Charles comes back to me. He takes the bell. “Go soak those two boys with water. Make it ice cold if you can.”

I nod. David grins. “I’ll help.”

“She can probably do fine herself,” Charles winks at me, “from the Ox‘s paddock.”

I grin and make my way to where the Ox is sleeping. Closing my eyes I call upon Water. I can hear it laughing. It’s as eager to soak Zack as I. Even from behind the building I hear his squeal as Water pours on his face. I let water at his buddy. There’s another yelp from the tents. I don’t know if they will notice, or even appreciate the fact, but I made sure it was only their faces that got wet.

I turn now to the task of waking the Ox. It doesn’t actually take much, just a gentle nudge from nature. I lead him out front, where Charles has put Zack and his friend to work on getting the covered wagon ready. Charles takes the Ox’s lead from me.

“Join Martha and David in the kitchen. We need a quick light breakfast and as much re-packed for the journey home as possible.”

I don’t question him, though I do wonder what’s going on. The persistent bell means there was an emergency, and he’s talking about taking us home. Martha and David are just staring at the open cabinets.

“Do you know what to pack?”

“No? Do you?”

“No, do you?”

They go back and forth. “Why not start with the canned goods?” I ask.

They glance at me once and then comply. I rummage through the refrigerator and find what I need; eggs, tortillas, shredded cheese, and some Canadian bacon. A check of the cabinets below the stove and I find two large skillets. Next I find a knife and cutting board. I chop the Canadian bacon as quickly as I can while the pans heat. I whip up the eggs, adding in the cheese and chopped ham. A dash of salt, pepper and milk and they are ready to scramble. While that cooks I heat the tortillas in the other pan.

I feel like I’m on overdrive, as I whisk the eggs while they cook. Behind me the kitchen is a flurry of packing and carting of boxes. I feel Zack’s glare on my back every time he passes.

“Don’t think I don’t know it was you who splashed the water on my face Bog Girl,” he hisses as he passes

“Now how would she have done that, when she was getting the Ox for me?” Charles strides by forcing Zack to take a box and bring it outside.

Eggs done, I roll them into the warmed tortillas. Martha stops by and helps roll the burritos in foil. Just in time, for we take them out as David carries out the last box. We hand the egg cheese and ham burritos out; one each.

“Alright, into the back all of you. You can eat as we travel.”

“Um, sir?” David raises his voice as we clamber in. “What’s going on? Why did you ring the bell for an emergency?”

We all look to Charles for an explanation. He hops onto the driver board and starts the caravan to moving before he answers.

“Nothing to worry about,” he tells us, “We’ll have you home and safe before anything happens.”

“Happens?” Martha squeaks.

“Just a slight invasion of the forest, you’ll be fine.” he closes the flap so that we are left to ourselves the way we were on our trip to camp.

The End

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