A letter too late

I woke in a cold sweat and shot up to a sitting position in my bed.

“Morgan.” I breathed heavily. I checked all around the room to reassure myself I wasn’t on a battlefield.

My dreams had always been pretty realistic but never scary. Normally I was out on the road with Serena and more recently with Morgan in a sidecar but this was different. I guess I was worried about Morgan I mean her testing begins today after all.  I knew she would be ok but as a parent I couldn’t help being worried. I winced as I realised it was about noon already and it was me who was probably in the dangerous situation if I ran into Latina.

I stepped slowly out of the room poking my head around the corners before venturing completely out into the landing.

I crept into the kitchen.

“She’s out.” Kain spoke before he had even seen me. I relaxed and made myself a sandwich. I wondered for a few seconds why I was so hungry, then memories of yesterday flooded back and I couldn’t help smiling.

“This came for you this morning,” Kain placed an envelope on one side of the table, “and this is all the mail that has arrived for you here in the last twenty five years.” He placed several envelopes on the other side of the table.

I ripped into the first envelope. It was what I had expected, a letter of confirmation from Gladys about the meeting.

I flicked through the others, most of them were council letters or junk, but one stood out. It was in a battered parcel and the writing had a stinging familiarity.

I put it to the side with the intent to open it alone.

“So what’s today’s plan Mike?

I paused. I seemed to have overlooked this day in my plans. I assumed I should probably be preparing for the meeting, but it seemed there was very little to do.

“I need to make a call later.” I sighed.

“Well I’ve got work to go to.” Kain also sighed looking at his watch. “I’m sure you can amuse yourself for the day right bro?”

“Yeh.” I faked a smile, twiddling the parcel around in my hands.


I sat having a staring competition with the small brown package. Although it was lifeless it seemed to know what it was doing to me. After about ten minutes I couldn’t wait anymore, and gently opened the seal by running my nail down the line.


Dear Mike.

I don’t know where you are at the moment, someone said you were back on the road again and I reasoned this was the best place to send this. I feel it’s only fair to let you know about our daughter. Morgan was born this Halloween two years ago and is growing well, a happy healthy child with your golden hair. There’s a lot of Faerie in her, sometimes I wish there was a way you could see her without meeting me, however George and I are to be married soon and as far as Morgan will be aware he is her father. One day when she is old enough to understand maybe you should try and find her, I’d like that. I hope you have been able to return to a half normal life, I was originally going to send these without a note but I felt it would be wrong.

I’m sorry if I’ve just brought back memories Mike, but I hope these bring your life comfort. Please don’t try and find us, for Morgan’s sake if not just mine. I still wonder how you are sometimes and in honesty I still mean everything I said at the altar, but George is good for me, he has safe steady work and can sustain us both. I can’t help feeling we will meet again. Till that day I am sorry Mike, Goodbye.

Serena x.

P.S. I think the drawing will make you smile


A tear rolled down my cheek. I had not even noticed it escape from my eyes. I brought up my hand to wipe it away but decided to let it linger for a while.  

“Your ‘feelings’ were never right Serena.” I remembered how incorrect any prediction she made turned out to be. It seemed this time had been no different; we would never meet again in her lifetime.

I could feel other things in the parcel bag and slowly drew them out. The first was a photo of Morgan just after she was born. Held on to it by a paperclip was a photo of Morgan on her first and second birthdays, her hair really was a fine white blonde colour like mine at that age.

Next was a folded piece of A4 paper with a crayon drawing on it. The three people in the picture were labelled Mummy, Me and Fiary. I smiled at the spelling of Faerie and the odd likeness the blonde faerie next to her was to me, although I appeared to be wearing pink. Besides perfect likenesses are hard to achieve in crayon!


Out of the unfolded drawing fell a red leather band with a stone triangle suspended on it. I knew it was a handle bar trinket. The stone triangle was the ancient fire symbol and I laughed at the small note pinned to it.  P.S (again) Morgan found this stone and I threaded it onto the leather for you.

That was all the letter contained.

I went back outside and tied the leather wrap around my bike handles.  The wind in my hair felt just right, I ran back to the house to lock the door before riding out into the country. I needed to take my mind off everything. I needed  to pray for Morgan, I headed towards the temple deep within the woods near the next city across from the little village.

That evening I rode silently home, the temple had returned some peace, now all I could do now was hope that my prayers would help Morgan. It was all up to her now.

The End

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