"We're sending all non combatants to safety. That includes Gloria, her mom Rebecca, and the baby. We're sending them to the Amazon to stay with Thalion's people, they'll be safe there." Sarah tried to comfort the dead seer.

"That's what I'm trying to say Aunt Sarah, Gloria won't go. She'll stay to fight beside her husband, because the baby Sarah Morgan is going to be kidnapped by the Van Helsings!!"

Miriam clapped her hand over her mouth. She hadn't known that part of it until she heard it coming out of her own mouth! She had been solid a moment before, but it took a good deal of concentration to remain visible as well as solid. Miriam lost her concentration, and simultaneously lost her solidity, and visibility. Sarah found herself comforting empty air.

"Miriam? Miriam, concentrate, we need to see you again, even if you can't manage solid yet." Sarah said, deeply concerned.

She absolutely believed Miriam's dire warning. She had been the island's best elven seer, before she died. She still had visions when the prophecy was hidden from the living seers. The island had been preparing itself for the battle that it knew was coming, but it hadn't known what Miriam had just prophesied. It had a great deal of magic in it, but prophecy was not among its' abilities. It had to rely on the visions of the seers. It could see what Miriam saw while she was seeing it however, and it could help her become solid again without any effort on her part.

Miriam became visible and solid, as she lay curled up in a foetal position on the ground. She moaned in sorrow, because she very much loved the little Sarah Morgan. Sarah and Fancy Anne helped her get into a sitting position on the ground. Fancy Anne had also become solid. Sarah knelt in front of Miriam, and held both of her hands, while she looked solemnly into the young elf's face.

"Miriam, tell us what you saw. If we know how it happens, we can stop it" Sarah said gently.

"You can't stop it, it's written in her destiny! She must be kidnapped, because she must be taken to the Van Helsing stronghold. There are others, one is a prisoner, there are a couple of others, slaves maybe, I don't know. They have something to do with Sarah Morgan, either her capture, or her rescue, I don't know, I can't see.. I can't SEE!!" Miriam wailed, and winked out of visibility again.


Galen ran through the woods as though something was after him, which in fact, was the case. Panting, he fell to the ground and threw his arms up in front of his face in a defensive gesture.

"Enough!" He yelled.

Llewellyn hovered above Galen for a moment, fluttering his leathery wings, then he settled.

"I won." The dragon said matter of factly.

"Fine, but look how far we've come! I told you that if the Van Helsings thought we were just playing tag, they wouldn't be so Hell bent on watching us so closely. It worked, we've never been so far from the stronghold before." Galen grinned, looking around him.

"I don't know why you want to get away anyway. You've lived here since you were really young, same as me. It's home." Llewellyn shrugged.

"You call this home? They've clipped your wings so that you can't fly far, but at least you can fly. This mesh undergarment skin fits me, I'll never get it off without magic. It prevents me from using my ability. If the Van Helsings are so dead set against magical people and creatures, why have they enslaved so many of us to do their bidding?" Galen leaned forward with his elbows on his knees, feeling just about as dejected as he'd ever been.

A screech echoed through the woods that should have riveted the two friends with fear, but it didn't. Llewellyn merely yawned, and Galen looked annoyed.

The screaming creature flew top speed toward them, then stopped short and landed in front of them.

"Shut up drael, you're even giving the ants a headache." Galen remarked.

"I have to do it Galen, the master and mistress expect it. You know that. They've sent me after the both of you. You know you didn't fool them a bit by pretending to play tag. They allowed you a little taste of freedom because they have a very important mission for you." The drael told him.

"What makes them think we'll cooperate? we haven't cooperated after all these years, even though they've all but killed the both of us a few times." Llewellyn remarked.

"They're offering both of you your freedom, and your full abilities back, that's why they think you'll cooperate." The drael sneered.

The End

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