The first success

“Hello candidates and parents.” He began, turning up the volume a few notches untill people payed attention. “and welcome to your testing.” Could parents stay as far to the sides as possible and would all candidates sort into the groups they were put in on the elevator.

All the ‘candidates’ moved into about groups of six, Morgan was not with either the blonde boy or the redhead I now knew properly as Katha.

“Good good,” he continued and gave a nod to a very large man, much larger than myself who looked rather like Vinnie Jones. He pulled a large wooden leaver on the ground, that the small man probably wouldn’t have managed, and like the roof of a football stadium the ground within the marked out lines on the floor, which looked like a normal fitness court, split in the middle and slid back into the rocks. From the space it left a very large army like obstacle course rose from the ground below and finally thumped into place with an up rise of dust.

“This is the first challenge that awaits you.” He motioned his hand across the course. “You must begin on this side and get over to the other as quickly as possible, retrieve the bag with weights in that awaits you,” He deliberately put emphasis on awaits as a pun against the bag being weighted but very few people seemed to get it, those who did were not amused. He continued slightly disgruntled, “and bring it back to this side before going back over there and crossing out of the court on your parents side where your time will be taken. OH and no using your affinities.”

I studied the course. It began by a very steep wall. It had the occasional very thin foothold at alternating sides at about every five feet.  At the top there was quite a distance jump from the platform at the tip to a rope dangling down from a large beam. Around twenty more ropes followed it in a line, you clearly had to swing between them. They were around twenty five feet from the ground so there was little else one could be expected to do. The ropes ended on a platform held by a large wooden pole around the thickness of a telegraph pole. There were several of these each descending lower and lower and getting smaller and smaller and further apart. Another steep wall which on the other side lay a gigantic gap in the ground filled with water which the candidate would not be able to see until they were coming down the other side of the wall.  On the other side of the gigantic pond lay a tunnel, only large enough to crawl through. A large band of netting hung above the end, this would doubtlessly be dropped on the candidate unwittingly. Finally lay the bag they needed. Now all the needed to do was go back with the bag and get back again. It looked rather challenging but not undoable. Then again I was massive and had been faerie for a very long time.

"Will each group member, when called out, find themselves a lane and wait for the horn. The first group consists of: Michael Flickity, Zackary Hackensack, Jennifer Hopscotch, " Each candidate stood forward and picked a lane before the man carried on calling the names. "Martha Jenkins, David Knolland and Morgan of Ollerond." The other five stood forward and I cringed a little when Morgan looked round confused. "ehem, Morgan of Ollerond." The man repeated and looked directly at her motioning to move forward.  My own fault, she had no idea 'of Ollerond' was what she would be officialy known as here.

She made her way to the line.

Toot. The large man let off a horn a little eagerly as a signal for the first six to begin.

She was quite clearly stunned with herself as she completed each part the course with ease. She lept from foothold to foothold with such power she seemed to be pouncing like a tiger up the wall. A little confused as she stood on the top she managed to keep focus and lept with outstreched arms for the first dangling rope. Her face redened as she huffed, swinging and managing to hold onto the corse ropes. Like each of the other contestants she landed in th water on the other side of the second wall and had a hard time crawling through the tunnel soaked to her knees. She seemed a little weighed down by the bag on the way back but made use of the fallen net to wrap up the bag and use it as a rucksack. A well built blonde boy was now ahead of her, the sack did not seem to bother him at all untill the point of getting out of the water. There were no footholds untill several feet up on this side and being wet meant he we having a difficult time hauling himself up on the natural ridges of wood so he could get to them. Morgan stopped as she saw him struggle and took a few paces back to the entrance of the tunnel.

"Morgan what the hell are you doing." I murmered, unsure of what she was actually attempting. With incredible acceleration she lept clean across the pond and mangaed to just grip the lowest hold and continue up the wall. I could barely contain the need to clap and holler "Thats my girl!" It was only suspence that kept me from doing so as the others began to catch up on her again. 

She finally got back and dumped her makeshift rucksack and raced back to the other side. She didn't stop running untill she arived in my open arms and embrased me in a hug. It was a great time and she was only outrun in the final tunnel by the brunet who seemed to be gifted with speed. "Do you think I passed Dad?" She managed to say through quick sharp breaths. "You did great kid" I grinned and ruffled her hair much to her annoyance. Even I realised she hadn’t been nearly that strong before, the magic of this place must give her strenghts one hell of a booster, I just hoped it would be enough.

The End

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