The Seer's Tears

Ben and Sarah held hands while they stood on the cliff near where Gloria and Thalion had said their vows. They stood at the wrought iron gate that closed off the stone steps that led to the beach. There was a six foot high wrought iron fence  with climbing roses, ivy, and sea moss on either side of the gate. This served as a barrier to prevent anyone from falling off the cliff. The stone steps and fence had been put in a century earlier due to an accident where a young male and female elf had rolled off the cliff while making love!

In fact, the ghosts of those two elves, Tirithion and Miriem, perched on top of the fence on one side of the gate. Fancy Anne and Gloria's father James perched on the fence on the other side of the gate. While Ben and Sarah watched Gloria play with Sarah Morgan far down on the beach, the ghosts of the elves and the humans argued back and forth.

"I can't believe you two just rolled right over the cliff! No wonder you died, you're both too stupid to live!"

Fancy Anne remarked with her usual social grace, which is to say no social grace at all. James laughed, but the elves were not amused.

"We died in each other's arms, in the throes of passion! Of course you mere humans wouldn't understand passion. You're so weak willed and pathetic that you wouldn't even recognize real passion!"

Tirithion shouted back as he demonstrated his point while stirring up his passionate temper. Oddly enough Miriem, the other half of the elven couple said nothing. Fancy Anne floated over to Miriem and saw that the young elven ghost was weeping. She hadn't meant to make the girl cry. Sometimes she said stupid things without even thinking.

"I'm sorry Miriem, that was a stupid thing to say." Fancy Anne apologized while she tried to put her arm around the other girl's shoulder.

"That's not why I'm crying." Miriem said, while she wiped away ghostly tears.

"I'm a seer.. or I was. I can still see into the future sometimes, if the events that are coming shed such a strong wave of emotion that even the dead like me can feel it. There is a battle coming, and that young woman, Gloria and her husband Thalion are going to be in the thick of it. Even baby Sarah Morgan will be involved somehow, but I can't see that far ahead."

Miriem floated over to Ben and Sarah who had been so intent on watching Gloria and the baby, that they had not really been listening to the conversation of the ghosts.

"Ahem.. Aunt. Sarah...?" Everyone on the island called Ben and Sarah Uncle Ben, and Aunt Sarah, because everyone on the island felt that they were family members.

Miriem made herself look solid as she disappeared from the fence and appeared beside Sarah at the gate at the top of the stone stairs.

"Yes Miriem?" Sarah was so used to talking to people that weren't particularly alive, that the sudden appearance of an apparition didn't phase her a bit.

"There's going to be a battle here on this island.. a BIG battle! People are going to die... good people, elves, faeries, humans! You have to stop it Aunt Sarah, Uncle Ben!" Miriem burst into tears again.

Sarah patted the now solid shoulder of Miriem gently.

"We know it's coming Miriem. We're making plans for it. We want the enemy, the Van Helsings to come here where we have advantage of the island's own magic behind us. As for Gloria and the baby being here for the battle, that isn't going to happen. We're sending all non combatants to safety. That includes Gloria, her mom Rebecca, and the baby. We're sending them to the Amazon to stay with Thalion's people, they'll be safe there." Sarah tried to comfort the dead seer.

"That's what I'm trying to say Aunt Sarah, Gloria won't go. She'll stay to fight beside her husband, because the baby Sarah Morgan is going to be kidnapped by the Van Helsings!!"

Miriem clapped her hand over her mouth. She hadn't known that part of it until she heard it coming out of her own mouth!


The End

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