For Morgan's Light

Sweat poured down Petey’s face as The Flat put him through the paces. He couldn’t believe the stuff this, this Spirit was putting him through. Running around the flat weighted down with a ton of rocks. Dodging rocks being tossed and rolled at him with incredible force. Petey still had a bruise on his leg where he’d been hit a week ago. Now he was fighting it with his wrench.

“Enough!” Haddie’s voice rang over the Flat authoritatively.

Both Petey and the Spirit stopped mid swing and turned to her. Petey stepped back when he saw his father.

“What in the blazes is going on up here?” Petey’s father looked from sweaty Petey to Grandma B. and back again. “I thought this was some sort of protected land and here you are tearing it up.”

“He musst be allowed to ssee.” Devil’s Flat hissed.

Grandma B nodded and placed a hand on Pete Sr.’s shoulder. “Petey come put your hand on your father’s other shoulder.” Petey complied and Grandma B. whispered a few soft words.

“What the…” Petey’s father jumped back out of their grasp. “What in the blazes kind of trick is this?”

“Petey, get hold of that shoulder again.” Grandma B took hold of the other. “If you’d grown up here, you would know that what you see before you is the Spirit of this land. Most folks can only see him on All Hallows Eve. You happen to have been born into the family that keeps the Spirit at bay. Like your son, he has a lot of repressed anger.”

“A fine pair then.” Petey’s father grumbled.

“SSit,” the Spirit demanded. “Pleasse,” it added as an after thought. They sat facing it. “Watch.” The form filled the sky before them and it showed the history of the Flat as it had to Petey. Petey knew the names of all those who died up here now. It had taken a while to get them all in his head, but with Grandma B’s baking as a reward, how could he not.

The image froze. Before them stood Ash and a Deamon locked in battle. “Thiss one, iss the lasst one,” the Spirit spat. “The Van Helssingss have ssealed their fate.” The scene fell away and was replaced by something much more peaceful. Petey gasped as he watched Morgan float over a wall and then create a door to go through it.

“Yess, your coussin Morgan growss sstrong.” The Spirit grinned as it returned to a more humanoid form. “Even now sshe iss being tessted by her Father’ss kin, The Faeriess.”

“How do you know all this?” Grandma B narrowed her eyes at the Spirit.

“The Issland hass sshared much with me. We sshall be joining with it to save Assh and banissh the Van Helssingss.”

“Why should I save Ash?” Petey grumbled. The good for nothing, stealer of His Morgan, even if she couldn’t be His Morgan.

“Becausse you love Morgan’ss light. Sshould Assh die or her heart be sshattered sshe sshall be ass dark ass I.”

Petey’s eyes grew wide. The thought of Morgan dark, dark as that Morgan Grandma B had books about, scared him. “No,” he whispered. No, there was no way he would let that happen.

The End

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