Call Me Lonely

I was getting Sarah Morgan ready for bed when the William Tell overture sounded loud and clear from my cell phone on the dresser. I left her little pyjama top unbuttoned as I went to answer the phone. Before I could reach it she had jumped off the chair she was standing on, and ran toward the dresser.

Just before she reached it her Elven genes took over, and she leaped right to the top of her dresser scattering plush animals as she went. She picked up the phone and pressed the talk button. She has a toy phone that tells a story when she presses the talk button. That part I understood. What I didn't understand was how she knew who was on the phone, as she yelled into the receiver..

"Aunteeee Morguh... come home we's lonely!!!" Then she started giving the phone big wet kisses. I hoped it was waterproof.

I could hear Morgan laughing as I took the phone from Sarah Morgan. I picked her up off the dresser and sat he on my lap in the big antique rocking chair. I put the phone speaker on so that Sarah Morgan could listen too.

"Hi Morgan I have no idea how she knew it was you. I was halfway through dressing her for bed when the phone went off. She jumped right on top of the dresser to answer it!"

"She hasn't gotten her wings already has she?" Morgan laughed.

"No, but Elves can jump very high. It helps us to fly greater distances. Our wings are smaller than Faerie wings. We can't fly as high or as far, so we jump or leap whenever possible. Speaking of wings, have you been tested for yours yet?"

"No, that doesn't start till tomorrow. We'll find out who's testing us then. I guess it's going to be tough. Four people died last year!  We all have to pass physicals, before we can go on to be tested."

"I'm so glad you called Morgan, I've tried your cell several times, but I keep getting the 'no service' message." I told her.

"That's why I called the minute I had a chance. I'm in the Faerie realm, and as far as I know you need to have permission to call in, even if you're a Faerie. A human might not get permission. I had to get permission from uncle Kain to call you. He gave me the realm dial out code, but he told me I couldn't tell anybody what it was. "

" Oh. That it explains it then. What is the place like that you're staying?" I asked curiously.

"The valley the place is in is beautiful! It's mostly rural, but has all the modern stuff like electricity and so on. I'm at dad's brother's place. I think it might be where dad's parents live too, but I'm not sure. I meant a couple of people my age at the orientation thing when I first got there. Their names are Katha and Theo. They seem nice. There's a bully too, called Zack Hackensack."

" you're kidding..!!" I almost dumped poor Sarah Morgan on her bum on the floor when I doubled over laughing.

"His parents must have hated him at birth to name him that. Maybe that's why he's a bully. Maybe he's had to lash out in self defence for all the teasing he must be going through."

There was silence on the other end for a moment.

"I know, but he hates half bloods, which means he hates me already and he doesn't even know me!"

I could hear the tears welling up in her voice, and I felt close to tears myself for the hurt she was going through.

"I'm sorry Morgan, I really am. I felt badly about the pain his name caused him, but that doesn't excuse racism. I wish I'd been there. I would have thrown him against a wall with my telekinesis!"

She giggled then, I was relieved that she was feeling better.

"They wouldn't let us use our affinities, I don't know how they would feel about your human power. All the grownups wore suits, even dad!" She giggled again."

Sarah Morgan had one chubby little hand on the phone, and her nose was scrunched up in concentration. I got the distinct impression that she was sending happy thoughts to  her auntee Morguh. Morgan went on to describe the valley and how beautiful everything was.

"It all sounds so wonderful. I wish I was there with you, Morgan."

"You are, in a way. All of you are, even.." she paused for a moment, and I knew she was thinking of Ash.

"All of you are here with me in my pendent. You have no idea how often I've held, knowing that everyone whose love went into it was probably thinking of me too. I love it Gloria, I really do. you couldn't have given me a better gift."

"You're more than welcome Morgan. I felt badly about having my wedding on your birthday. Your day got shoved away in all the hustle and bustle, and I'm truly sorry."

"Don't be. I enjoyed the wedding too. I enjoyed being part of it."

"Well you made a terrific maid of honour. I told her.

I moved my legs a little as I shifted Sarah Morgan's position a little. My right leg was going numb with her weight. I looked down at her little strawberry blonde head, and she was fast asleep.

"Well I better get her to bed Morgan. Call me after the testing and let me know how it goes."

"I will.,"

"Bye Morgan. Good luck with yours test."

"Thanks, I'll need it. Bye now." Then she hung up.

I hung up too and carried Sarah Morgan over to her crib.


The End

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