Ride on to the ranch

I smiled at Morgan’s confusion as she slowly walked towards me. I noticed she was shaking ever so slightly.  I really think I should just get her to my brother’s home before she starts to think this is all there is to our world. 

“Come on Morgan we better start moving if we want to make it before nightfall.” She looked confused again. After all she had only just gotten off the helicopter at Island time ten in the morning.  However we are now in a completely different time zone. “It’s three’ o’clock Morgan.”  I laugh as it clicks in her mind that she is in a new place. I suppose she has taken in a lot already today.

I took her down to the other gigantic panel of ice, opposite to the one we had arrived through.  She asked no questions as we once again used our elements to get through.  The panel lead out to a much smaller corridor. Two guards used small hand scanners to check us over before granting us passage through into a metal lift filled with other suited faeries.

“Going down.”  A small and very feminine voice spoke through the large speaker grate near the top of the lift.  A sudden whooshing noise ensued and the sudden feeling of plummeting a great distance at an intense speed seemed to be rather frightening to Morgan. This was after all a great deal faster than human lifts. She threw out her hands and grasped the shiny polished hand rail. The equally sudden stop made Morgan flinch and she looked like she was possibly going to be sick.

“Doors opening” The same voice spoke once more and Morgan rushed out of the lift and leant on a wall outside, breathing heavily, pale as a ghost.

“Morgan are you ok?” I leant next to her.

“Yeh. I’m fine I guess I wasn’t expecting to be moving that quick, I just felt a little boxed in with all those people.”

“You need a minute?” I suggest not wanting to overcrowd her.

“It’s Ok. I’ll be fine in a second; I’m just not good with crowds.” She blurted apologetically. She looked down at her feet and took a deep breath before raising her head back up again and slowly opening her eyes, exhaling smoothly. “Wow.” Her mouth stayed open slightly as she really looked at the beauty in front of her.

I stepped back and looked with her. I could never forget how amazing our landscape was. Just bigger than the size of the United Kingdom this was our realm. In technicality it was our valley. We were currently leant against the rock rim that enclosed our realm like a giants Tupperware bowl.

The sky sparkled a delicate pink with stars gently twinkling in the beginnings of late autumn dusk. This was one of the best lights to see our world in. Before us rolled a green blooming country, a wood of evergreen was to the left the entrance sealed by two suited guards. This was really strange. That wood had a disused shrine and temple in it as I remember.  I didn’t bring it to Morgan’s attention in case there had been another arson attack within the wood by the purist groups.

To the right of us babbled a tiny brook, a ranch style house sat on the other side of it with a field full of chestnut horses, a large grain silo and a tractor slowly turning over a field somewhere behind the barn, its gentle clacking hum only added to the rural atmosphere. There was not a suit to be found other than the steady stream of those leaving the hall.

She smiled, eyes lighting up like a blazing fire when one took off his shirt and uncurled a magnificent pair of wings, the colour reflected back in Morgan’s shimmering eyes as she watched him take to the sky like a human butterfly.

“One day Morgan.” I smile placing one hand on the shoulder with the beginnings of her markings.

“That must be one spectacular view.” She sighed dreamily “So how are we getting there then?” She asks, still not taking her eyes of the man whose wings were spread riding the gentle day air, only the visual size of grape as he grew further away from our standing point.

“By Horseback.” I grin as her smile grows wider.

“Those ones?” She nods her head towards the field.

“Not exactly.” I smile, “but those ones.” A gentle ‘clip clop’ drew Morgan’s attention from the sky back to earth. Three Horses came over the small hill in front of us. Two large steeds and one smaller horse that walked with such grace the ground on which it stepped must have felt honoured and come away from the experience highly strung. Of course I remembered her as just a foal but that didn’t make her any the less magnificent.

The man leading them on steadily raised his head and thoughtfully pondered about Morgan. He shook my hand and pulled me into a manly shoulder hug before straightening up his body and offering a large hand awkwardly to Morgan. Kain wasn’t huge in size and had nowhere near the muscle I had but he was tall with structure and wide shoulders. A top of his head sat a golden brown waved mop of well combed hair. Instead of looking like most men with a mop his appearance was defined and strong whilst still looking purposeful and deep. Kain had always been philosophical on life and took time to think before he spoke. As the older brother he would often sort out arguments between Jaden and I, always giving us both fair shares. I, the youngest brother had always admired Kain; he commanded a respect that was earned not bought or terrorising.   

“You must be Morgan.” He bowed his body slightly still with hand outstretched causing Morgan to go red. “I am Mikes Eldest brother, Kain.” He always had to mention eldest didn’t he. “You must be tiered after a long journey; alas we must still reach our village. It is not a great distance however so it should not take too long. You are fine with Horses I trust? They are the quickest way to travel for those of us without flight.” He smiled one of his comforting warm smiles. The ones that gave you the desire to trust him and smile back.

Morgan nodded and gently stroked the horse’s nose. “You’re a beautiful girl aren’t you.” The horse better known as Lila made an approving soft neigh.


Our ride back to the village wouldn’t take too long even at our current pace. Morgan seemed to love the Ye’olde feel to our country, the stone roads and tiny villages among fields of wheat so tall you could play basketball in them and still be unseen, must have made her feel relaxed to the world like they make me. We do have large cities, modern as the ones in the human world but only few. The houses were also fairly modern. There were no pebble-dashed clones though, each house was built individually with care. In essence our world was a working mixture of the best things of civilisation, a middle ages setting with the comforts, housing, electricity and other such things of the modern world integrated seamlessly in.

“She seems to like you.” Kain called back to Morgan, who steadily rode a small distance behind us taking in all the sights and sounds. “Unlike her owner.” He sighed to me.

“I’m sorry for having to press this onto the both of you.” I apologise.

“Not at all Mike you’ve done a lot for us... She just worries for us all. She’s sensed a great danger follows Morgan’s future.”

“I am aware of it brother, and so is she. We intend to leave for the human side again before we bring any danger near this world, let her have no fear.”

“I am your brother Mike, and Morgan my niece. I will be there for you both if you ever need my assistance.”

“That's very kind Kain but I would not wish to...” I didn’t get to finish my sentence before Kain cut me off.

“I will be there Mike if ever either of you is in danger.” To argue with him would be pointless, his mind would be set by now and he is immovable once he is decided. Instead I would just have to thank him.

“Thank you Kain. You go beyond the call of sibling duty.”

“As you have done for me brother.” I knew saving his life and honour would bite me in the butt one day. “There she is.” As we came out of the woodland we could see a small village just up ahead. Kain’s ranch sat just above it on the slight slope of the hill.

We looked at each other as we always had done as boys and young men coming out of this wood. “Race?” we both said in union.

The countdown alternated and I began it.

“Five.” we positioned ourselves on the horses.

“Four.” Kain shoots me the ‘you really want to try this?’ look.

“Three.” I shoot a nod back.

“Two.” And we are both off. As boys we never got down to the one count before either of us went so now we had our start set to two.

We rode as fast as our steeds would take us up to the ranch ahead, tearing through the little village, narrowly avoiding the pumpkin cart all the way into the ranch entrance. The finishes were never large between us both and a photo finish or a judge was often needed to see who had really won. As boys we would argue about it, as men we just laughed.

“Well it’s nice to see you again Mike.” In the house doorway stood Kain’s wife, not looking too pleased with our entrance. The word nice also sounded slightly forced and bitter but I did respect why she was hesitant to see me this time around.

Morgan followed us into the ranch gateway in a gentle trot looking very embarrassed and apologetic for my immaturity. Boys will be boys as they say.

The End

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