Something wasn’t letting me through the ice. It turned into another liquid wall but this time tinged green. Someone was coming through from the other side.  A smart man, dressed in a rather nice suit emerged from the shimmering wall.  His bags crunched in the warm snow. I hoped Morgan could wait a while.

“Hey. Mind if I take a look at your paper? I haven’t been back for a year.”  I politely asked the man before a familiar face turned towards me.  “Reed?”  

“Hello uncle. I take it that was my cousin Morgan on the other side?”

“Yes. How’s your father?”  I smiled. It was always great you reunite with family after a long trip away.

“She certainly doesn’t look half blood. He’s well. My parents are expecting you tonight before Morgan’s test. It’s the perfect time for me to get out a while.” 

“Well be careful out there.” I laugh.

“And you be careful in there uncle. There’s been a bit of trouble since your last visit. Oh and Dad said that granddads been fixed as Morgan’s tester. She better be good.” He passed me the large paper tucked under his arm. “Uncle I must go my ride is here.  Goodbye and good luck to Morgan.”

“Thank you Reed. I have faith in her.”  I looked down at the folded paper. The headline story was worrying. There were enough wars within our world. Mainly centred about an extremist group who only seemed to approve of full bloods. This one read “Village burned, four die in blood fire.”

I hoped this wouldn’t be how Morgan always saw our world. At most times it was quiet and peaceful.  Every twenty years or so there was a sudden growth in extremists that cause these problems then things would settle again. Still I hadn’t seen anything quite this violent before.

I hoped Morgan would still be Ok inside. I heard they had completed the new renovations.  Last time I had been inside it was covered with scaffolding.

I passed through the wall and filled out their stupid forms. Morgan was nowhere in sight. The grandeur in here was really stunning now. A woman looked over her nail file at me, with a very disapproving face. I felt rather underdressed, like a hippy in a stock market.  “Anywhere I can get something more ... Appropriate?” I ask to disapproving woman.  

“There is a store upstairs, third floor, lifts over there.” She uses her small worn down pink file to point in the general direction of the supposed lift. After what seemed like minutes of looking for it I eventually got to it. This now appeared to be the second floor, I wondered what was now classed as the first or ground. Up one floor and I eventually found the shop. They actually had a size to fit me, I felt a bit odd and knew Morgan would laugh. Still this was one of the only formal places around here so the pain of being restrained to look like a penguin wouldn’t last too long.

Now all I could do is stop and wait for Morgan to come out of the conference room.  I hoped she wasn’t too shy on her own. I had never been so worried that I couldn’t flirt with a receptionist before.

The End

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