Gloria's Return

Sarah Morgan has become something of a clinging vine in the last month. I don't mind that too much, I love holding her, but at some point she has to learn a little bit of Independence. I think it's probably just a stage. Maybe she'll be a little less dependant on Thalion and I now that we're going home.

I loved the The Elven realm, it was fantastic! My in laws have been good to me, if a little formal and aloof. They seem to be that way with everybody though, even Thalion, so I guess I don't feel too badly.  there's a female Elf of nobel birth that hates my guts, though.

Her name is Sabariel, and her name means 'mine'. She thinks that everything she wants should be hers. In the Elven custom, Thalion and Sabariel were betrothed when they were children. The betrothal can be broken at any time by either party when they get to marriageable age, if they have valid reasons.

Thalion's valid reason for breaking his betrothal with Sabariel was that he loved me, and that I was already pregnant with the next link in  the royal family chain. Needless to say, Sabariel was not a happy camper! She was the one who paid that Elf at our wedding to try to break us up by objecting to the marriage.

She has been sooo nasty to me since I got here. She even pinched Sarah Morgan once! I got her back though, I threw her out our four story window with my telekinesis! Unfortunately, the b***h did not die. She used her elven wings to fly to safety.

I think that is why Sarah Morgan has become so clingy. Everything is new to her, and being pinched was something that had never happened before, and it hurt! She had a big purple welt on her arms for days. Sabariel spread the rumour that I had done it!

Thalion went to visit her the next day, and then suddenly Sabariel just packed up and left! I don't know what he threatened to do, but it worked. God, I love that man!

I knew that Morgan was due for her testing soon, but the minute I landed at the heliport, Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah were there to greet us with big hugs and kisses. Uncle Ben told me that Mike and Morgan had gone for Morgan's testing. I pray constantly for her success. Getting her wings and becoming a full member of Mike's Faerie family means so much to her.

Even if she doesn't manage to be let into that family, she's already a huge part of mine! She's like a sister to me, I love her that much. I do miss her, though.

The End

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