The warmth of snow.

“Sleep well.” I gently whisper as I kiss her forehead.

Memories from the bus filled my mind. She once again slept, hair splayed across my wide shoulders. Would we have ever realised then that we would be here now? We thought the bus had been an interesting journey. 

Impatiently I look out of the frosty window to the cold jagged mountains directly below and give the pilot another directional pointer. In a few hours we would be there. 

Currently I have no Idea where we are. The mountains don’t give me much of a hint either. I just knew which way we needed to go, a strange forceful pull with no other explanation than the supernatural drew me in its general direction. Like a homing pigeon finding its way home from a long journey I felt a well deserved nap in my future.

I had so much to show Morgan in our world. Wonderful sights humans couldn’t see, strange fruits and smells of homemade faerie traditional meals, the markets, the flight training areas. Everything I wanted her to see was so close. Of course I wouldn’t get time to show her anything till all this was over.

When the elves had taken to the forests, we took to the skies.

For a while Morgan and I would be separated, she in her test, and I having a particularly awkward reunion with my father.  He would test and trial me in any way he could as was his controlling and high standard way. To him I will never be as good as my older brothers but I was the one set to inherit the line, to inherit his place on the court. Faerie inheritance worked differently to humans. It always went to the youngest as they would keep it longer and had a higher chance of producing a pure faerie heir. I worried what he would think of Morgan; being only half faerie he wouldn’t be happy for her to continue the line unless she was especially gifted. We were one of the longest running faerie blood lines on the court and that made my father incredibly proud. He disowned me when I fell in love with a human.  Faerie genetics also work a bit differently to human. There is no dominant gene to control the status of a faerie born child. It was perfectly possible for a human and faerie to produce a full faerie child or even a pure human. While Morgan was half faerie there was still a possibility if she spends enough time around the magic her DNA could end up being changed as she develops more faerie features. Still this was very rare. Greater was the possibility that she would have a faerie child. If she had a child with another faerie the child would have a good chance of being faerie. If she had a child with a human there was still a good chance it would be half faerie. Whereas the gene for it is not dominant it does have a survival instinct.

The court consists of the oldest faerie lines. If there is no heir to carry it on then the line goes into the background, loses its place on the court and is replaced by an almost equally old line with an heir.  Having Morgan had probably saved my life. If I had never produced an heir my father would have probably taken care of me so the line went to Kain my older brother.  It was everything to him.

Still I had another reason for coming along with Morgan, besides worrying constantly for her and being forced to see my father, although I was sure I would enjoy both far more than what I would now have to do.

The elves were a good force but not enough. Van Helsing had defences against all sides by the sounds of it. So we would need all sides to stand a chance. My hopes again mainly depended on Morgan. If they believe her powers show enough they may see it as an omen to help. If she doesn’t pass then this will be far more difficult.

We had not gathered our forces in a long time although we were always prepared encase. Playing my cards right would be crucial.

Morgan gently stirred in her sleep.

“Round here” I called to the pilot.

“Into the mountains?” He gave me a very questioning look before accepting it and flying us straight in.

Snow flew everywhere as the helicopter landed unsteadily. It was like we had created our own snow storm.

“It’s freezing!” The pilot shuddered rubbing his hands up his arms as he helped me get all the stuff out.  He looked like he had been hit over the head by a minivan when I look off my Jacket. It was way too hot up here for me. Morgan would find it warm as well which may confuse her as much as the poor pilot. She still hadn’t woken up yet.

The cold is in fact the human body being pushed away by faerie magic. The snow was another prop put in place by us to stop the humans finding us or prevent any large force getting to us.

The bags were all ready and the pilot was ready to take off again.

“Morgan?” I gently shook her shoulder and lifted her delicately sleeping form into my arms.

She rubbed her eyes and wearily waved goodbye to the pilot.

“Dad where are our things?” She looked around at the bare white sheet of snow, “and why is it so hot?”

“Our things are already gone.” I smiled looking at the square imprints the battered suitcases had left in the snow where they had stood moments before when I went inside to get Morgan. She reluctantly shuffled behind me, wrapping her coat around her tightly in a normal reaction to the snow, despite the growing tropical heat we felt going towards a bare sheet of apparent ice.


“Right,” I smile feeling truly at home once more. “I want you to draw your element, correction Main element to you.”

As she built it around her it was drawn towards the ice, turning it into a silver suspended liquid glistening in place of the ice. Her fingers stretched out and gently touched the water causing a ripple effect. She stared fixated and touched it again this time leaving her fingers on the surface.

She looked at me and I nodded for her to go through.  She drew a deep breath and stepped into the wall. It closed straight up behind her. It was now my turn to get through.

 I wondered what her reaction to the world ‘inside the mountain’ would be. Like the snow, it wasn’t real. In the centre of these particular summits was our home. A valley almost, that stretched for miles and miles like any other place in the world there were villages and forests, waterfalls and cities, businesses and families, everything we know in the current world. There was no way to get into these mountains apart from the walls of ice. Each wall led into an entrance hall. Like an airport check in even, Order had to be kept.

I hoped the officials would at least have the good Grace to wait for me to come through the ice before approaching her. They tended not to be very graceful people.

The End

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