Unexpected Departure

Today’s training was intense. I am officially exhausted. I hope I remember it all.

Of course you will.

Mom, I feel her smiling at me, but she’s only a presence, never solid. I can’t see her.

Take a shower sweetie and get some sleep. Tomorrow’s going to be a big day.

If it’s as packed with training as today, I wholly agree with her. So I take her advice, amusing myself by playing with the water and using it as a mirror. The scroll on my back is beautiful. I hope I get to keep my wings.

Well, I tell myself as I shake off the laughing water, the only way to do that is pass my test. In fact passing my test is what will let me do a lot of things. Like take down that evil family that’s keeping Ash from me.

I slip into my pajamas, a bit surprised at my own anger. I guess it makes some sense, since I do have an affinity for fire. Water brings the calm. So what does Air give me, I wonder as I slip into bed.

Hush honey, you need your sleep.

Mom sings. I drift into deep restful sleep until someone starts shaking my shoulder. I groan and roll over.

“Morgan, get up," a gruff, but hushed, voice speaks.

“Dad?” I wearily blink my eyes open. “What is it? Is something wrong?”

Dad sets a hand on my shoulder. “Morgan, get your bag. I've thrown in everything you will need. Get dressed in something comfortable and meet me in the corridor in five minutes”

“Why? What's going on?” I slowly sit up. The floor is cold to my bare feet.

"Just get your stuff Morgan I will explain" Dad places both his hands on my shoulders and gives me a kiss to the forehead. "Trust me.”

"Okay." I trust Dad, though I haven't really known him long. I automatically pullout my favorite skirt and throw it on with a T-shirt. I'm thankful I had taken Mom's advice. I wonder if Mom knew. Hurrying out the door I realize I forgot my bag. I turn quickly and pick it up from where my Dad had put it. He looks a little impatient when I finally arrive in the corridor. "Sorry," I mutter, "almost forgot my bag."

“Come on Morgan, the helicopter is waiting. We take off as soon as possible.” Dad ushers me down and out of the castle to the helicopter pad.

“It’s nothing bad is it?” If Mom knew, then it could be about Grandma B. She hasn’t had the best of health records, but she has always beaten everything before.

I have to nearly run to keep up with him as he answers. “No Morgan. Everything’s fine, everyone’s okay. We won’t be gone long. I left a note in the kitchen to explain to everyone why we are gone.”

“So why and where are we going?” Obviously we plan to be there a while or Dad wouldn’t have packed my stuff.

“Business,” was his curt reply. I could tell by the tone he wasn’t going to be more forth coming with information. I trust him right? Of course I do. He knows Grandma B and like every adult I know who does, he wouldn’t cross her. I never quite understood that. How mothers were always more feared than fathers; even if the father is a big bad biker.

No sooner do we sit down in the helicopter then it takes off. I stifle a big yawn as I settle in my seat, bag on my lap.

“Sleep while you can Morgan. You will need your sleep.”

“Okay.” I would like to ask why but another yawn over takes me. I lean on Dad’s shoulder and fall asleep, suddenly reminded of when we first met on the Bus.

The End

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