Last minute practise

I began pacing, back, forth and back again. A dusty trail was left in the shape of my shoe prints on the tiles behind me, only for me to retread them again.  My feet had led my pacing down to Ash’s old room. Now I watched my reflection in the glass panelling marching across the doorway, as if guarding it. I had no time for pacing which only made me worry more. Morgan’s birthday had passed. Any day, possibly even today I would be called to bring her to the court and before her own grandfather. Everything hinged in the balance of the forthcoming week.

Still I didn’t have time to worry. If today is the day then have it so! Morgan needed all the last training I could give her and she needed it now.

“Morgan?” I tapped on her door.

“Come in.” I slowly popped my head around the door. The calm and happiness emanating from Morgan was it seemed in perfect counterbalance to my anxiety.  Like drinking cold lemonade in a heat wave I felt an instant relief. I could have sighed in relaxation. I noticed a beautiful stone hanging from her neck.  Elvin crafted by the look of it. I felt a lot of familiarity coming from the eight pointed stone, a sense of myself, a sense of love and pride. It was comforting to say the least. I had almost forgotten why I went in. Had to hand it to them elves could make jewellery. Couldn’t make decent weapons for their lives but intricacy and multipurpose accessories they had pinned.

“Morgan I fear we won’t have too much time before your test. We should really get focusing.”  She hopped off her bed and nodded. 

“When you say not much time you mean?”

“A week at best” I winced slightly. A week was being incredibly optimistic. Still she stopped in her tracks.

“A week?”  Her voice crackled slightly as if she had just chocked on her own words.  She looked down into her necklace before holding her head up high with renewed confidence in her eyes. “We better get training then.”  She reached for the training garb hung across her chair.

“Leave it. Just throw on something comfortable, there will be a lot of theory today that we won’t have time to practise. Come down to the Orchard.”  Her hand went back down to her side. I noticed her nails had already started to grow. “Oh and make sure you file those. We don’t want anyone getting hurt” I added before leaving swiftly. 

There was something heavily relaxing about the orchard. A sweet scent filled the air as a fallen leaf crunched beneath my boot. The trees seemed to sigh as if they knew it was almost time.  Earth was never my strongest element but these trees didn’t seem to care for elemental prejudice. 

Morgan entered the orchard. She looked particularly relaxed. Her light blue top brought out her eyes and showed her dainty shoulders and beautifully curved neckline, still with necklace.  She sat in the lotus drawing up all her elements around her like I had shown her. She breathed them all in welcoming them to her soul. Even earth seemed to be happy to see her for today. She knew a lot I hadn’t taught her. I put that down to her new tutor. I had felt the island teaching her subconscious often when she slept. 

“Right Morgan you have created elements and used them for purposes. Next I feel you should be able to use them strategically. First I will give you an obstacle.” I lead her across the orchard to a high stone wall on the other side. “Get over it.” I simply commanded. She looked the wall over once or twice.

“Air?” She tried.

“Yes.” She knew what she was meant to do but how seemed to trouble her.  After a while it seemed she had decided to go with trial and error. Gently she called air to her side, building it besides her she awkwardly attempted to step onto the block of air.  The island quickly obliged to keep the air together. It would be much harder to do without the islands help but at least she would be able to do it. She cautiously attempted to build up another block of air in front of her. Wrong. Her own block of air began to grow thin. She quickly refocused and built her step back up.

“Ok so I need to make the air rise somehow.”  She mumbled to herself whilst I intently listened in with my electronic ear. “How does air rise? Heat!”  I smiled. She seemed to have found the answer.  Gently she heated up her own block of air. The air underneath her began to move slowly up. It would be difficult to control the higher she got but I believed she could do it. I let out a loud cheer and clapped as she grinned like a Cheshire cat from the top of the wall.  She didn’t need my next instruction to know how to get down. Silently she jumped off the wall letting the air catch her and gently lower her to the ground.  Her feet barely touched the ground. She seemed to glow slightly. I went over and hugged her. She had real intuition I could tell, and I was so proud. A small tear of joy ran down my cheek that I quietly wiped away.

The End

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