Morgan's Gift

When Morgan ran up the stone steps of the castle, the air mail carrier waited for her just inside the foyer doors. He smiled at her.

"A package for you miss Morgan, sign please."

He held out a clip board and she signed. When she handed it back, he handed her a tiny package. When she saw it, she just knew it was from Gloria. She always knew who it was when Gloria called, or wrote, or whatever. There was a link of friendship there that was strong and caring.

"Thanks Walter, wait a minute. Let me get you a tip." Morgan said.

"I work for Mr. Ben, miss Morgan. You know I can't take money from you."

"I wasn't  talking about money. Wait one minute, I'll be right back."

Morgan ran through the marble floored foyer and disappeared behind one of the huge oak doors. In five minutes she returned with both slender hands wrapped around a large paper napkin. When she got to Walter, she handed the napkin to him.

"What's this?" He said as he unwrapped it. His rugged face lit up in a warm smile.

"Blueberry tarts! I love blueberry tarts!" Walter exclaimed.

"My grandmother's recipe. Thanks for coming all the way from the helicopter to deliver this."

"I was happy to do it. Princess Gloria herself gave it to me to deliver. She said it was a special gift for her best friend. "

Morgan blushed. Gloria had a way of being demonstratively caring that embarrassed her sometimes. She wasn't able to be as open about her feelings.

"Thanks for the blueberry tarts, miss Morgan." Walter said as he headed out the door with one of the tarts already in his mouth.

Morgan wanted to open it right there in the foyer, but she decided she wanted to be alone when she opened it, she didn't know why. She ran up to her room and plopped herself down in the middle of the bed, with her ankles crossed almost in a lotus position. She took the foil wrapping off carefully. There didn't seem to be any tape on it. The foil changed colours from sapphire blue, to gold, to emerald green, to silver. There seemed to be a whole lot more wrapping than package. She was definitely going to save that wrapping!

When the wrapping was all off, a small misty pink velvet jewelry box sat in the palm of her hand. When she opened it,  there was a piece of paper the size of a postage stamp inside. Under the paper was something under tissue paper, but she wanted to look at the note first. It was tiny when she took it out, but when she shook it, it became a regular sized page of personalized note paper. A picture of Gloria, Thalion and Sarah Morgan smiled and  actually waved from the top of the page. The picture moved! Their hands continuously waved, and their smiles shone out brightly.

The picture itself was a gift. It made her feel wonderful, and happy just looking at it. She finally managed to tear her eyes away from the picture and read the letter.

"Happy Birthday, my dearest dearest friend, Morgan."

The letter began. Morgan smiled. It was obvious that Gloria was happy. She got a little effusive when she was happy. Morgan continued to read:

I'm so sorry that we set the wedding date on your birthday, Morgan. I was so excited about getting married that I suppose I was thoughtless toward everyone else around me. I am truly sorry. I hope you like your gift. It's your traditional birthstone, pink tourmaline set in your mystical birthstone, red jasper. The meaning of tourmaline is Truth, and Happiness, and that is what I wish for you.

When the stone was cut, it was infused with protection charms. If you ever get into a situation where you think you're being lied to, this stone will show you the truth. If you are put in a situation   where you are expected to believe  one thing, but it means something else, something false, then this stone will show you the truth. All you have to do is hold it, close your eyes and think "show me." and you will know instantly what is right and true, and what is wrong and false.

Inside the golden points of the setting, there is a hair from everyone who cares for you, and wishes only for your happiness. There is a hair from grandma B, your dad Mike, your mom Serena.  (Grandma B had a coil of hair in a locket that Serena had given her, and your grandma gave me a little strand of it.) There's a hair from me, Sarah Morgan, and Thalion. he cares for you and wishes for your happiness too, because your well being affects mine. There's also a hair each from Aunt Sarah and uncle Ben. They've come to love you very much. That's all eight points. Eight hairs of those who care for you, but there is one more.

Inside the tourmaline stone itself is one of your hairs, and one of Ash's hairs, and they have been intertwined and infused all through the stone itself by Elfin magic. The charm wouldn't have worked, the hairs would not have intertwined, if you and Ash did not truly love each other.

The charm on the stone has a special purpose. If you ever worry about Ash's safety, just look inside the stone, not just with your eyes, but with your heart, and your love. If Ash is in serious trouble, the hairs will begin to separate. If Ash is badly hurt, it will begin to fade. If Ash is dead, then his hair will disappear, and the stone will crack. It would probably be a good idea to get help for Ash if the hair starts to separate, that means he's in trouble. It is at this stage, and only at this stage that the stone will lead you to Ash. You just hold the stone in your hand, clear your mind, and let the stone lead your steps.Once the necklace is on you, it cannot be taken from you, even if you're not alive anymore. Only you can take it off, and only if you don't love the people who are part of it, anymore

I hope you like your gift, Morgan, because I will always want truth and happiness for you. Happy belated birthday.

Through tears of missing Gloria, Sarah Morgan, and even Thalion, Morgan opened the little velvet box again. She set aside the gossamer tissue and carefully took out the beautiful necklace lying on the blue velvet.

It was a sunburst with eight points, and a misty rose pink tourmaline stone in the centre. The points were made of wrought Elfin gold, which were all intricately etched throughout with elfin charms. When Morgan looked closely, she could see a hair woven inside each of the points. When she looked inside the stone, she could see a hair of her colour, and one of Ash's colour, woven together in a tiny heart in the centre of the stone. The delicate chain that held the pendant was also made of wrought Elfin gold. It looked like it would break with one good yank, but she knew that it was probably stronger than the strongest tempered steel.

It was  the most beautiful thing she had ever seen! She immediately slipped it over her head and held the pendent in both hands, as waves of happiness washed over her. She knew that she wouldn't feel this happy all the time, but she knew instinctively that at her worst and most miserable moments, she could hold the stone and feel the love and support of the nine people that were part of it, and it would give her the courage to go on.






The End

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