Conversing with Gloria

Exhausted I enter my room from a day of training. I am ready to curl up and sleep, but I promised myself I would e-mail Gloria. No sooner do I sit down to the computer then my phone rings. I jump startled by the loud noise. I forgot to turn the ringer down again.

I don’t know why I bother with a cell phone sometimes. Not like anyone calls me. Well except Gloria, so I’m positive it’s her. I’m definitely positive it’s her because it’s playing the William Tell Overture, which is what I think she set the ringer to when she entered her number into the phone. I can only make calls and answer the thing. Grandma B’s even worse.

At last I fish it out of my bag. “Hello?”

“Morgan!” Gloria is gushing. “Oh my gosh, you have to SEE this place!”

“You made it safe and sound then?”

”Oh yes, we arrived yesterday afternoon. Thalion took me and Sarah Morgan on a Grand Tour today.” Gloria continues talking, telling me all about Elven lands. How everyone is nice to her, “Well there are a few that obviously don’t like me, but they can go stay in their trees for all I care.”

I giggle. “What’s it like being a Princess?”

”Oh my goodness,” the question sets her off on another long description about court etiquette. I smile and lay back on the bed. Closing my eyes I imagine everything she is describing. It really does sound amazing.

”And what about Sarah Morgan; how does she like it?”

”Oh she adores it, and they all adore her. Morgan, they’re going to totally spoil her with all their attention.”

She sounds like such a proud mother I have to laugh.

“What about you?” Gloria asks, “How are things on the Island?”

I sigh. I much prefer listening to her banter. She’s definitely in the happier situation right now. “Grandma B’s going home tomorrow. She says all this magic stuff hurts her head. I think she just hates being away from home for any length of time.”

”That cake she made was Wonderful!”

“Definitely her best yet.”

”And how’s training?”

”Oh, well it’s going okay." I try not to sound too excited.  "I’m trying to focus on where I’m worst and all, but,” I pause and start smiling remembering my conversation with Dad that morning.

“But what? Spill!” I giggle because I can just picture Gloria bouncing up and down with excitement.

“I have three affinities! Water, Air and Fire!”


“Yeah, Dad says it’s rare, but it’s happened before and you’ll never guess who the other Faerie was that had three affinities.” There is a pause. I think I hear her whisper to someone.

“Morgan le Fay,” we say at the same time. Both of us irrupt into laughter. It’s really nice having a friend. I’m glad I have Gloria to talk to. I just wish I’d met her sooner. I stifle a yawn.

“Sorry, I have to say goodnight now. Dad’s really pushing me hard for training.”

“Do you know when you have to take the test?”

”No, he just keeps saying soon, every time I ask him.” I yawn in earnest.

“Well Thalion’s beckoning me to bed anyway. Goodnight Morgan.”

“Goodnight Gloria.” I hang up the phone. I barely have the energy to change into my pajamas. I am asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

The End

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