Can history repeat itself?

I did my best to keep the salty tears from running down my face. I held them back as much as I could but water, the emotional element it is, eventually won over creating transparent trickling streams down across my cheekbones, dripping softly onto my silk lined sleeve. I slowly passed over the tiny delicate rings. Never would I have seen myself as the best man for an elf of all creatures. Still I had grown fond of him; perhaps his generation would be different and amend the outdated ways of their parents.

I smiled as MrsB's cake was brought out. She really hadn't lost her touch in the last twenty years. It was beautifully crafted and as always, mouth-watering to even look at.

The disapproving eyes of several elf ladies shone down on me. Although they were not standing any higher than me they still managed to look down their noses. One particularly pointed looking woman made no attempt whatsoever to not be seen pulling as disgusted face. I laughed to myself so tempted to bring out my wings. Still I did not want to offend Gloria’s new husband.

I noticed Morgan’s absence from the celebrations, bringing my mind back to the question she had asked me last time we trained. I hadn’t managed to answer it but I felt I should give it some thought. As far as I know it is highly improbable, nay impossible. Still I got a nagging feeling. I recall vaguely a legend we were all told as kids, an Arthurian legend, but two element affinities couldn’t be right, could it?

Morgan had discovered her first affinity in a dream. Perhaps she had seen herself with fire also. After all her fire abilities shouldn’t have been anywhere near as strong as they were when I made her create it.

I gently stretched out my mind to find Morgan.

“Grahhh!” I grunted and grasped my burning forehead.  I had managed to find her for an instant before I was knocked clean away by an intense fire. Instantly fearing the worst I ran towards her general direction, through the shadows of the orchard, straight into something, knocking it down. My huge hands flung out and I grabbed the hidden creature.

“Show yourself!” I growled at it bearing my teeth spiting slightly.

It did not answer or do as I asked, but it did let out a small whimper, a very familiar whimper.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were gone boy.”  Still it said nothing but I felt it straining and worming under my grip. I released my hand from its still undetectable throat.

“Well at least have some cake. It would be a real waste to miss out on MrsB’s cooking.” He was gone.  I cautiously stretched out for Morgan again, only to find she was back in the opposite direction.

“Where have you been dad?” Morgan asked as she noticed the large brown leaf stuck to my shoulder.

“I was looking for you actually.” She tensed up. I don’t know whether she knows it really was Ash she had seen after her air training, so I decided not to say anything. Instead I decided to ask her about her own question. “Morgan did you have another dream? It’s just you asked me if it was possible to have two affinities.”

“Yes I did but I’m not even sure I...”

“Morgan how did you see the fire? Were you in the centre of it?” She looked puzzled.

“Dad I don’t think I have a fire affinity. I dreamed about air, I was dancing with it.”

“You mean you think you have an air affinity?” This was really strange. This meant she could have three possible affinities. I was in short mind boggled

“Is that bad?” She seemed worried.

“No Morgan. It’s potentially wonderful.” We would need to have a serious talk about it but she could be the first, well second in history to have more than one element. I was immensely proud. Still it wouldn’t be long before her testing. There’s still going to be a lot she needs to work out. I really hoped she could be intuitive.


After all was done I snuck back to the Wayfarer’s house and left a small piece of cake wrapped up neatly on the bed. It really would have been a shame for him to miss out. Besides I wanted to reinforce now, more than ever, how much we would all back him.  

I would have to begin planning my grand speech. I had a feeling we might need the help of the faerie population, which was going to be difficult. I prayed in a way that Morgan would have more than one affinity. What a blessing it would be, especially to our cause against the Van Helsings.  The last person to have claimed multiple elements was still greatly worshiped in many faerie traditions. However the girl in ledgened had been rather evil. She had eventually been taken over by the dark side of the elements. Still Morgan would never be like this. I knew it. Maybe my father, her grandfather would even approve of her. Now she just needed to pass the test. I cringed as I thought just how much her life hinged on passing this test.If she failed she would never get wings, she wouldn't be allowed  into the faerie comuinity and her affinities would never grow any stronger. If she Passed, she would gain wings, possibly have a faerie army behind her in her attempt to rescue the man she loves and was in line for a position on the high court.

I couldn't let her fail no matter what.

The End

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