Ain't No Way

Petey sat dejected on the back steps of Grandma B’s. He hadn’t tasted a lick of her baking since he’d got back. Served him right he supposed. Hadn’t getting beat up by that Ash guy and Ghost Wheeler been enough? Petey absently rubbed the wrench mark that had been burned into his arm.

He’d done wrong, and he regretted it. It wasn’t like he could go and apologize for it either. He’d tried sneaking onto the helicopter again when it’d come for Grandma B a few days ago. But for some reason he couldn’t. Something kept pushing him off. Petey growled low in his throat.

“I want my Morgan,” he said to himself. Seeing her was like seeing a ray of sunshine through the clouds. Things always seemed clearer when she was around; even if she always shied away from him.

She ain’t your Morgan, Petey.

“She is too, I saw her first, I’ve protected her, respected her, I love her.”

She can’t be your Morgan, Petey.

“Why not?” Petey at last looked up to see Mr. Baker standing, one foot up on the steps, leaning towards him.

She’s your cousin, Petey.

Petey’s face scrunched up. Mr. Baker had been dead for nearly fifteen years. How could he suddenly be here talking to him? There ain't no way Petey and Morgan were cousins.  Petey stood.

“There ain’t no way you know what you’re talking about, you’re just some figment of my imagination trying to torment me.” Petey stomped down the steps, passing through the image of Grandpa B.

Stop right there young man. Petey was frozen in his tracks. Just because you think you know everything doesn’t mean you do. Grandpa B marched around so that he was facing the young man. Petey shivered as the ghostly eyes stared at him. You ever wonder why you get sent down here all the time to do chores, when there are plenty of able bodied workers closer by?

“No,” Petey whimpered.

I’ll tell you then. Pete Sr., your father, is Haddie’s son, by unfortunate circumstances. So you get that thought of marring Morgan right out of your head.

“Yes, sir.” Petey whimpered again. Grandpa B glared at him one more time before fading away.

Petey stayed where he was for a moment. That was unfair. It was utterly unfair! Petey stormed off swinging his wrench at every tree, shrub and bush he passed.

The End

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