Making the Cake

Haddie worked on the wedding cake with Morgan. They had been give one whole corner of the kitchen to work in. Despite the number of guests expected to attend the all night affair; Haddie refused to make sheet cakes.

“I do what I do and how I do it.” She told the head cook. “Gloria asked me to make this cake, and so this cake I will make.” The woman threw up her hands in defeat and left. Haddie turned to see a smile tugging at Morgan’s face. “Well check the cake girl. We ain’t got all day!”

She’d talked to Morgan when she’d first arrived. She’d learned more about the incident with Petey than Mike had let on. And then Morgan had hesitantly told her about Ash’s departure amide burst of tears. That hadn’t pleased Haddie one bit.

“Don’t yell him out Grandma B,” Morgan had pleaded. “He’s only doing it to protect us.”

Haddie’s expression hadn’t changed. Morgan had grabbed her arm.

“Please, Dad’s rough enough on him and if, if, his family is as evil as he says and after him, he, he needs all the love he can get.”

There was a tremble in her voice that Haddie couldn’t ignore. Despite this turn of events she could see Morgan was still getting stronger. So she’d relented. Since Mike seemed to be handling the big bad father routine well, too well according to his daughter, she’d let him deal with Ash, when and if he returned. Morgan couldn’t accept the, if clause.

Let her keep her hope Mom

Haddie looked up from the confectionary Bride and Groom. It was a bit overwhelming to meet an Elf. Then again she’d been reminded that Mike was a Faerie. All this magic and fantasy stuff running about could addle one’s brain. Still she’d made the couple in their image. No magic was going to keep her from making her magical cake.

“Cake’s room temperature Grandma B,” Morgan said, brining the first cooling rack over.

Haddie set the confectionary couple, complete with babe, aside and brought out the frosting glue. She was being a bit ambitious with this design, but when two races wed, there was no other way to go. Haddie turned away a moment and blew her nose. The thought of another interracial wedding that she would have loved to have made the cake for had crossed her mind.

I know Mom. I’m sorry, but…

The voice trailed off and Haddie felt her presence recede. For a brief moment she wondered is Serena had apologized to Mike yet. Then with the determination that only a Baker woman has,  Haddie set herself to making, what she hoped would be, the cake of the century.

The End

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