The entire week after the betrothal was spent getting ready for the wedding.Some of that precious time was spent on the phone with my mom trying to get her to come to the wedding. She wouldn't budge. She kept saying that she wouldn't be welcome on the island. I asked aunt Sarah about that, and her face went thoughtful. Finally she answered my question.

"Tell Rebecca (my mom) that she would not be made to feel unwelcome if she came to your wedding." She said.

"Um.. aunt Sarah, not being made to feel unwelcome doesn't exactly mean she's welcome."  I protested.

"It's the best I can do little one." She kissed me on the cheek and went to get her old wedding dress.

I wondered if I would ever find out what the rift was between my mom and aunt Sarah. When she came back with the dress my face fell. It was white satin with huge pouffie sleeves and a big pouffie skirt. Aunt Sarah had the chest to offset the big skirt. I didn't.

It would have looked wonderful on aunt Sarah, but on me It would look like a pouffie pear. I tried it on and did the best to swallow my tears. Aunt Sarah laughed.

"Well I guess we'll have to think of something else. Leave the dress dilemma to me, honey. We'll come up with the most gorgeous dress.You go ahead and make the other arrangements."

Thalion and his parents took care of the the Elven side of things, and Aunt Sarah, Morgan and I took care of the Human side. I called Morgan to find out if she'd had better luck finding a dress than I had. I had asked her at the betrothal ceremony to be my maid of honour.She was all excited when she answered the phone.

"I found the perfect  maid of honour dress Gloria! Mike and I went bike riding this morning to commune with nature, and I found a little seamstress's shop in a village on the ocean shore. Wait till you see it! I'm wearing it now, I'm coming over."

I went to open the door and she danced across the hall. I could have sworn that her feet didn't even touch the floor! She was right, the dress was perfect!  It was a lovely sleeveless lavender ankle length silk dress with a flowing skirt. It was overlaid with a sheer fabric that had navy swirls on it. I danced around the room with her while we both sang snippets of songs that we knew.

Then we sat on my bed and talked. I told her about my dress fiasco. This time I didn't hold back the tears. Morgan was sympathetic and hopeful that aunt Sarah would find something suitable. One week wasn't much time to find a wedding dress.

We started discussing the other plans. I told her I still hadn't asked the castle chef if he knew how to make wedding cakes.

"Grandma makes wedding cakes Gloria! She even has a big photo album of cakes she's made. She said that she got her official invitation by mail yesterday, although you had already asked her at the betrothal."

"Do you think she'd mind making mine?   I asked. " She could use the castle's kitchen if she wants to. We'll order everything she needs before she gets here two days before the wedding."

"She'd love to, I'm sure! I'll call her and ask her to bring her album with her."

Two days later the pilot for uncle Ben's air mail service came to the castle with a huge parcel for me. He asked one of the maids to go get me because I had to sign for it. I looked at the return address. It was from my mom. I had told her I really didn't  expect wedding gifts at such short notice.

I took it up to my room to open it. There was a note from my mom on the top. She said that it had been my grandmother's wedding dress as well as her wedding dress. She said she knew I would be beautiful in it. It fit perfectly except it had to be altered a little. It was too long on me.

It was floor length  with a white satin underskirt . It had an empire waist just under the bust. The satin was covered with eggshell white hand made lace. The long lace sleeves came to a point over the back of my hands. It was perfect.

Under the dress at the bottom of the box was a large manila envelope with 'Sarah Anne' written in black marker across the front. that surprised me, because mom only referred to aunt Sarah as your aunt, never using her name.

Sarah Morgan danced around me, patting the dress here and there.

"Pwetty pwetty mummie."  She declared.

I laughed then called aunt Sarah. I told her about the dress and the envelope. In about half an hour she joined me in my room.

"Oh honey, you're beautiful! I just have to pin the hem for the seamstress."

I stood on a footstool while she pinned. When she finished she asked me to take off the dress and she would take it with her. I told her that since this dress was suitable that she wouldn't have to keep looking for one for me.

She just nodded absent mindedly. I found out later that she'd had a seamstress from the island making one for me. I asked if she was disappointed, and she laughed. She said the seamstress was making one from what she rememberd of the dress mom sent me.

The morning of the wedding dawned warm and clear. The ceremony was going to be conducted by an elder of Thalion's clan, then in the human part of it we were going to have the pastor from the local church officiate. We were going to say our vows to each other when the rings were exchanged at the end of the ceremony.

Morgan knocked on my door slightly after dawn. It wasn't a loud knock, but I heard it because I was awake. I hadn't slept much, I was just too excited. After believing that the love of my life had been dead for two years, I was actually going to marry him today!When I opened the door Morgan came in with a flurry of silk.

"You do realize that the wedding guests won't even arrive until after sundown. We still have all day to dress."  I commented with a grin.

'I know." She giggled. "I just wanted to drop it off here before I go down and help grandma decorate the cake. She is loving this! She's making the bride and groom out of hardened confectionery icing.. Don't be too surprised if the groom has pointed ears!"

I laughed happily. I was happy, and Morgan seemed to be too. I think  the thought that Ash might have been watching her the other day, lightened her mood quite a bit. I prayed with all my heart that Ash would stay safe and come back to Morgan soon. I wanted to be the matron of honour at her wedding.

The End

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