Thalion and I took Sarah Morgan down to the orchard after lunch to watch the training. Morgan was amazing! The way she made that sword dance literally brought tears to my eyes with the sheer beauty of it! It surprised me a bit. I thought that Morgan's element was water. Maybe she had more than one element. I had no idea how that whole elemental thing worked.

Morgan stopped for a moment and was speaking to Mike when she noticed us watching. She waved. We moved toward her. I ran up to her and hugged her tight. I know she was still missing Ash terribly, but I wanted to remind her that there were still people around her that loved her.

"That was amazing Morgan! That was...magic!"

I just couldn't think of a better word to describe it. Morgan blushed and Mike beamed with pride.

" Mike, Morgan, I'd like to  introduce you to Thalion." I said.

Thalion bowed at the waist as Mike put out his hand. Noticing the gesture, Thalion stuck out his hand midway through the bow as Mike began to bow as well. They were standing so close that their hands met in a handshake just as their heads bumped together!

Thalion stood upright, released Mike's hand, put his head back and roared with laughter! Mike did the same. Sarah clapped her hands together and giggled. Morgan and I laughed till tears formed. Talk about breaking the ice!

When everyone had stopped laughing, Mike looked at Thalion and reconsidered his opinion of Elves. I could tell by Mike's aura that whenever I talked about Elves that he didn't have a high opinion of them.

"Your training methods appear to be extremely effective sir." Thalion smiled.

"I don't think I can take too much credit for that last performance. That was pretty much all Morgan. She has a great deal of natural talent."

Morgan gave a little gasp and shot a surprised look at her father. I don't think he had been so lavish with his praise before. I was so glad that Mike and Morgan were getting closer. It's so important to have a good relationship with your parents.

A little twinge of sadness hit me as I thought of my mom's refusal to come to the island to meet her granddaughter. She wanted me to go back home with Sarah Morgan. When I told her that it was my destiny to stay here, she just snorted in derision.

Sarah Morgan was making a pest of herself by twining her arms around Morgan's legs and hugging hard. I picked her up but she squirmed and held her arms out to Morgan. Morgan took her and Sarah Morgan laid her head on Morgan's shoulder.

"I wuv yew antee Morguhh." she said as she smiled up at Morgan.

Morgan hugged her and I could see by her aura that she was beginning to feel just a tiny bit less sad, a little bit less lonely. Apparently our daughter has a natural gift of love in her. Sarah Morgan gave a big wide yawn and snuggled into Morgan's shoulder.

"It looks like nap time for you missy,"

I told her as I took her from Morgan and settled her in my arms.

"I guess we should let you get back to training." I told Morgan.

Morgan kissed Sarah Morgan on the cheek.

"I love you too munchkin. Have a nice nap."

Thalion looked confused and picked up one of Sarah Morgan's feet.

"There's no munchkin in her.  Munchkins are short and round. Their feet curl up."

The poor guy looked even more confused when Morgan and I laughed so hard we almost choked.

Mike shook his head at us.

"Ignore those two. They're not laughing at you. There is an old movie with munchkins in it that they're laughing at."

Mike explained.

"Munchkins can act?"

Mike stifled a laugh.

"There's a great deal that you still have to learn about humans and Faeries.  I expect that we have a great deal to learn about Elves as well."

Mike tempered his statement diplomatically. He didn't want to seem critical. Thalion and his clan were going to be valuable allies in a fight that he knew couldn't be avoided. It was best not to alienate allies from the get go.

Thalion nodded in agreement.

When Morgan and I finally stopped laughing, we said our goodbyes. On the way back to the castle I tried my best to explain the movie 'The Wizard of Oz' to him.

The End

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