Brother and Sister

Making my way down to the orchard I was running a little late. I now seemed to be the centre desire for the laundry women so stopped and talked to them for a while. There were quite a few very attractive ones although admittedly their uniform is not exactly flattering. Still I wasn’t intending my wicked way with any of them, I didn’t need any more things to set Morgan off. God I’m such a good father.  I noticed Morgan was sitting in a lower limb of an apple tree tracing the lines on the bark with her fingers.  The tree seemed to shiver back, content in being gently stroked by a caring hand. She turned around as she saw me approach and I offered her my hand to help herself down.

“Good morning star shine, the earth says hello.” I smiled at her but it appeared she didn’t know what I was on about, which only made me smile more. “Right today’s task I want to know exactly the extent you can control elements to.”  She nodded as I pulled various items out of my bag. Firstly came a jar of water, next a jar of sand and some pebbles, followed by a few sticks of dead wood, a brick and some incense.  Before I let her touch them I wanted to run few a couple of rules first. If she was as skilled as I thought she might just be then I would need to warn her quickly.  

“Right now before I get you to test your abilities elementally like this I think we should run through some quick theory.” She again nodded and watched me intently. “Firstly for every element there is a very powerful dark side.  This side can be used for the forces of good in rare cases but many lose control and the abilities turn their souls. For example, with the power of air comes the ability for air reaching. As you know humans need air to survive. Air reaching can involve taking the air from someone’s very lungs and letting them suffocate, or even stopping oxygen through the brain which can cause severe brain damage or if sustained for long enough death. Many will never master the ability for it even if they tried. Many won’t even try because their wings would be striped for using it, and they are too scared it would overtake them.  Like I say there are a few who have mastered it without being consumed by power and they are kept buy the faerie court as their abilities can prove useful. Still the darker side of each power can be devastating and you never know what could happen so promise me Morgan you will never try it.”

She stared for a few more moments drawing in what I had just said before murmuring, “Promise.”

“Good.” I tried to lighten the mood. “Now we’ve tried moving elements before, we’ve controlled them quite well but now I want to see if you can use them for a purpose.”  I set up the incense and asked Morgan to light it for me. I held out my lighter and watched her move across the flame to the stick.

“Now you’ve managed that. Light me a real fire to keep us warm.” I pointed towards the pile of dried wood and closed my lighter. “Make the fire, don’t just move it.”  She now looked lost. Still I wouldn’t tell her what to do with it just yet.

After a while of very little happening she sighed.  “How can I create it?”

I smiled. I deliberately started her off on the element opposite to her own because if she could master this the rest of the section of creation would be easy.  “Morgan I want you to find the fire. Find the fire that you just controlled and find the part inside of you that works with the fire. You should feel it mostly in your chest.  Now I want you to direct that fire and let it feel the wood. Let it know you want it to light it. Move the spirit of the fire to the wood and it should be eager to work for you.” When I was a kid we had to work out how to do these things ourselves, was seen as character building. Morgan however is much older than I was and we have no time to waste.

She closed her eyes again and breathed in searching for the fire. A small crackle came from the wood in front of us and she squeaked in excitement as the fire slowly worked its way up.  “Be very careful not to let the fire spread anywhere else keep it contained in the wood. I don’t want to see a single burn mark on that floor.” She looked pleased with the task I had given her and continued to move her hands along with the fire in an attempt to control it. She wouldn’t need to do this after a while but for now hand movements would be useful. She stuck her tongue out a little as she learned to keep the fire stable. I watched her intently. She shouldn’t be able to do this yet a small voice nagged inside my head. Still before jumping to conclusions I would test her ability on other elements.

“Good.” I said trying not to show the wonder in my voice. I instructed the fire to keep to the wood and it stayed down with no questions. “Right now water.” I motioned towards the jar of sea water.  “I want you to make this drinkable. Separate the water from the salt” I poured the water into a tray I placed in front of her.  She puzzled over how to do this one before shutting her eyes and bringing her palms above the water. The water rose up slowly and she wound it into a ball in her hands. Not only leaving salt behind in the tray but also all the dirt and impurities. I was definitely impressed. I guessed she was to by the way she gleefully played with the glistening purity between her fingers.  I held out the jar and she let the water flow back into it. 

Earth next. I shook off the dirt and salt from the tray and poured the sand and pebbles into it. “Now I want you to craft the sand. Make it into something interesting.”  She screwed up her face as she tried to reach out to the earth. This affinity was obviously not as strong as the other two. She tried and tried to arrange the sand but every time she managed to set anything up it would just fall out of place when she reached for the next part. She eventually grunted and hung her head. I poured the sand back into the jar and told Morgan not to be disheartened. I pulled a beautiful apple down from the closest tree and offered it to her. “Give me back the core.”  I instructed her; perhaps sand was a bit of a task right now. Besides it was completely earth based. She handed me back to core and watched as I delicately slipped out a pip, scooped up some earth and placed the tiny seed inside. I poured a little water from the jar into the soil and gently pushed my thumb down on the earth. A small green shoot slowly dug its way up through the soil hitting the light outside. Morgan watched in amazement and I handed her another pip. “Try it, this way you’re working with the earth for growth.”  She hesitantly attempted to follow the same steps.  A few minutes later her seedling began to show its tiny head through the earth.  I recorded everything relevant. Earth was obviously not her strong point but she seemed to do very well with Fire and water which was rather strange.  Last but not least I wanted to check out air. This would be the perfect opportunity to give her the sword.  

I reached into my bag pulling out the work of art that was Morgan’s sword. It was daintier than Ash’s and had a blue dragon engraved into the hilt. It was noticeably thinner and a little sharper as it glinted in the Morning sun.  She looked stunned as she turned the weapon in her hands.

“What is this for?”

“It’s a gift. I want you to use it for our training and also I want to see how you control air with it.”  She threw her arms around me and thanked me exclaiming its beauty. Although I knew she would have no idea how to use it and would probably be rather scared by the thought of it I could still tell she genuinely appreciated the gift.

“Ash has its brother.” She seemed to stiffen up at the mention of Ash. “I left it for him to help.”  She looked down at the sword and smiled. It was at least a form of connection between them.  I could tell she felt a lot more grounded to Ash as she held it, just knowing that he had her swords brother. “Now after lunch show me what you can do with it” I laughed. “I’m starving.”

The End

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