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Ouch. I reluctantly fumbled around for something to pull myself up on. I appeared to be lying face down in a very awkward position on my bedroom floor.  Finally my hands flung upon the bed and I hauled myself slowly up. Every muscle I knew of ached as I grasped a rather large bruise on my head. Coming across to the en-suit mirror I gasped. I looked like hell, my eyes were bagged, my skin was pale and the pattern of the carpet was pressed into the left side of my face. I couldn’t believe how hungry I was. Scanning the room for any consumables my eyes locked on a half finished bottle of Cobra beer. Perfect. Every taste bud jumped alive as I took a cautious swig from the bottle. Growing up as a male I had learnt to always be precautious with half empty beer. A quick flash back to my school days said enough as I took another large gulp.  


I moaned as I slowly walked towards the door. Gloria rushed through it frantically scanning the room.

“Have you seen Morgan? I haven’t seen her all day have you?  Is she alright? Aren’t you at training?”  This was all too much for me to take in. “And why do you look like someone drugged you?” She looked concerned as her hand shot towards the side of my face that had been compressed to the floor.

“Do you? Thats nice.” I said sleepily not even understandin what was really going on. 

“Yes it’s about half one in the afternoon, and I haven't seen her all day and.." She looked down at the bottle and furrowed her brow a little before dismissing what ever starnge habits I may have and going back to worrying.

“Look I’ve just woken up ok, stop talking so fast." She glanced down at my bottle. "don't you judge I haven't had anything since yesterday afternoon and its the first thing I could find”

“Each to his own”  She muttered still looking concerned at my apperance. 

“Now what’s this about Morgan?”

“Well she wouldn’t come down to breakfast this morning and I haven’t seen her all day and she’s...”  I began to tune out.  “Hello? Mike? I’m really worried about Morgan. I know you know Ash left. I saw you take that sword to him, and drag Morgan from the sea. Morgans probably worrying herself sick about him." Gloria looked as if she was about to cry. 

“Look her and Ash broke their link it’s an incredibly hard and painful thing to do, especially when neither of them wanted it to break it ok. She’s going to take a while to be ready to talk to anyone.”

“I know Mike but what if she does something stupid? She doesn’t feel like herself at the moment.”  Gloria was unfortunately right. However I really wouldn’t be much help until I could get food.

“Gloria I doubt I have the energy to stand at present.”  

She huffed a little at my lack of enthusiasm. “If I get you something from the kitchens will you come and talk to Morgan with me? You know what faerie links are like.”

“Yes, yes and make it big.” I called as she ran out of the door. Minutes later Gloria scuttled back in with Coffee and a really big sandwich. I didn’t even have much time to thank her before I was stuffing my mouth with the delicious morsels. She looked at me expectantly as I sat back smiling after leaving the plate spotless “Oh Right, Almost forgot about Morgan. Get on!”I offered her my back to jump on. “There’s a lot of island to search and it’s quicker if we use a little speed.” I grinned.

Gloria grinned at the thought but sighed. “Shouldn’t we check her bedroom first?”

“Oh, Ok I assumed you had already done that.” I turned back towards her.

“I would but it’s locked and I can’t tell if she’s even in there anymore.” She looked panicky again. Eventually I dragged myself down to Morgans room.

I turned up my electronic ear and pressed it to the door. The sound of steady breathing on the other side reassured me. “Well is she there?” Gloria bit her nail anxiously.

“No need to yell.” I winced as the sound boomed through my very highly tuned ear. I turned it back down again before putting her mind at rest. “She’s in there don’t worry. I can hear her breathing.” Gloria began to pace “Look I’m sure she will be out for training.”

Six hours past before Gloria and I marched back up to Morgan’s room. She has missed training and now tea.  I was beginning to seriously worry about her now.

Morgan! Morgan let me in or I will break this door down.”  Obediently the door crashes open for me. “Don’t ever lock the door on me again. What were you doing in here?” 

She sobbed again as she recounted everything, Ash leaving and disconnecting them, running to the ocean and almost drowning and everything since she woke up. I unfortunately did know exactly what it was like to have a link broken. I didn’t voluntarily break the link but Serena did, I ended up suffering most of the pain for it. She had completely severed all links we shared.  Like I restraining order I couldn’t even feel her presence or talk to her anymore. Not a trace was left in her though I never unattached my end of our link from my soul, that way she would be able to find me if she wanted but she never did. Over time the flailing torn remains of my link faded. I didn’t even feel her death. What Morgan was going through was hard but I was sure one day she would be reconnected with Ash.  I passed her tissues and she promised she would begin training again tomorrow.

Tomorrow would be when I gave her the sword I bought for her the day we went shopping, the sister sword to the one now in the possession of Ash Van Helsing. I chuckled to myself as I wondered if that would count as weaponry incest.

The End

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