I nodded when Galadrial told me that my destiny was to fight the Van Helsings on this island, alongside Thalion. I had already figured out that there was going to be a fight when I saw that evil spirit reach for us.

I looked at Thalion's parents, kind of mesmerized. They were truly beautiful! They had long flowing hair. Arthion's hair was white blonde, the same as Thalion's. Galadrial's hair was strawberry blonde, similar to Sarah Morgan"s.

Thalion had told me that his parents were the royal leaders of their race, and he was the heir.   Thalion's arm was around my shoulder, and I was completely happy.. momentarily. A sudden sadness struck my heart. I looked around to see if it was coming from Mike, but he had already left. I shook it off and continued my conversation.

"Would you like to meet my aunt and uncle?"

I asked Thalion's parents.

Arthion nodded.

"It is best we meet the master of this island. Does he know that this island is in danger,as well as everyone on it?" Does he know that an ancient evil lurks in the shadows, waiting to gain entry?"

"Yes he does. The evil already came for our friend Ash, but the island blocked its' access. Now we're preparing for its' eventual return."  I told them.

"That is the wisest course of action. You may lead the way to your uncle's abode."

I smiled inwardly. Wait until they get a look at uncle Ben's abode! I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be expecting a medieval castle.

I pulled out my cell phone and excused myself for a few moments while I called uncle Ben.

When he answered, I all but squealed into the phone.

"I have the most amazing news uncle Ben. Thalion isn't dead after all, he's here, and so are his parents! Can I bring them up to meet you, please?"

I babbled into the phone with excitement. Ben laughed and told me to bring them on up to the castle.

I led them through the orchard and up to the castle, with a firm grip on Thalion's hand the whole way. Uncle Ben stood at the massive oaken gates to greet his guests. When I had introduced everyone all round, Uncle Ben offered to give the royal couple a tour of the castle.  Arthion agreed, but Galadrial expressed the desire to meet her granddaughter.

"I'll take you up to my room. Aunt Sarah is up there with Sarah Morgan now."

I told Galadrial. She nodded, and I led the way to the elevators. I could tell by her aura that she had probably never been in one before. She lived in a dimension of their own among the trees of the Amazon, so she probably had little to do with humans or their doodads and machinery.

As I approached the door to open it, I heard a high pitched scream from the other side.

"Mumeeeeeee! Dadeeeeeeeee!"

This caught me completly off guard. How did she know that her father was on the other side of that door?

Then there was a little commotion directly on the other side of the door. When I opened it, Aunt Sarah was holding a squirming Sarah Morgan.

Then she did something that I had never seen before. She leaped out of aunt Sarah's arms and somehow leaped, or flew, or something across a space of about five feet, straight into Thalion's arms. She was only a year and a half old!

Laughing, Thalion held her by her waist and lifted her above his head. He made funny faces at her and she giggled until I was afraid she was going to throw up!

"Aunt Sarah, did Uncle Ben call you to tell you Thalion was on the way up with me?"

I asked as I sidestepped Thalion and Sarah Morgan.

"No, I had no idea. I was just taking her out of her crib after her nap when she wiggled loose and jumped to the floor. Then she ran to the door and tried to push it open, screaming for mummie and daddie."

"I heard that part, that's why I wanted to know how she knew he was with me."

Aunt Sarah shrugged to indicate that she had no idea.

As Thalion continued playing with his daughter, I introduced Galadrial to aunt Sarah. They sat on my bed and had a long conversation. I caught snippets of it, in between playing with Sarah Morgan, and telling Thalion everything that had happened since I had seen him last,  Finally, Sarah Morgan gave a big yawn and reached for me. This indicated that she was ready for bed. I told Aunt Sarah that I was going to put Sarah Morgan to bed, and she stood up, so did Galadrial.

"Well, it is getting late. We can finish this conversation downstairs. I'll call down to the chef and see what he can find for a late night snack."

Aunt Sarah said to Galadrial, who nodded agreement. Aunt Sarah gave both Sarah Morgan and I a hug and a kiss, then she turned to Thalion.

"You can have the room three doors down on your right if you like, Thalion."

Thalion nodded and thanked her. when they had gone, Thalion grinned at me.

"I'm guessing your aunt made sure that I didn't spend the night in here!"

I laughed and kissed him lightly on the cheek, which was the best I could do with Sarah Morgan squirming in my arms. We both put her to bed, and Thalion stared down on her for long minutes, just taking in the beauty of this tiny scrap of humanity that he loved so much. Then he gave me a big hug and kiss and made his way to his room down the hall. Then I went to bed.

I slept soundly for awhile, and then the island entered my dreams and showed me what had transpired between Ash and Morgan. It showed Ash saying goodbye to Morgan, and then Ash breaking the link between them! I wept in my sleep. That dream ended and another took its' place. It showed Mike buying the sword and running across the rooftops to the place that Ash was staying. I saw him leave the note and go to the  cliffs above the ocean. I gasped in my sleep as I saw his wings unfold as he flew down to the shore.

I first recognized Morgan when I saw Mike carrying her out of the water. I think I must have screamed, because I woke myself up. When I sat up in bed, I saw the early sun streaming through my window. I immediately went across the hall to Morgan's door. I left my own door open in case Sarah Morgan woke up and needed me.

I rapped on the door lightly. If she was awake she would hear me, if she was asleep she wouldn't hear me, and I'd see her later.  There was no answer, so I knocked just a little bit louder, and called her name.

"Morgan, Morgan, are you up?"

Still no answer. I suppose she wouldn't really want any company just yet even if she was awake. I was going to invite her to breakfast to meet Thalion and his parents. That would have to wait until Morgan was feeling up to leaving her room again.

Even in my dreams I can see people's auras. Morgan's aura when Mike pulled her out of the ocean was streaked through with black bolts of despair. Despite the emotional upset, her body showed warmth inspite of being face down in the ocean.

Her Faerie link to the elements must have kept her alive. I send up a silent prayer thanking God for that. I listened at the door and there was no sign of movement, so she must be asleep. I decided That I would try again after breakfast. If she still didn't respond I would go find Mike and see if his Faerie link could find out what was going on with her.

The End

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