Heartache and Hope

Morgan stood under the shelter of the trees. They provided little protection form the soaking rain. In the meadow, under the shower’s full power, a figure huddled. Morgan knew it was Ash, though why he was here when he’d broken their link she didn’t know. She didn’t really care either at this point.

Turning to walk away, Morgan was startled to see a glowing presence. It had only vague human form, but she’d seen something like it before; on that first Halloween in her Grandmother’s town. Except the Spirit of Devil’s Flat had been much darker in appearance.

“Go away, this is my dream.” Morgan tried to brush past the Island Spirit annoyed.

“Ah, but that is where you are wrong child.”

“Don’t tell me it’s his dream.” Morgan’s voice dripped with bitterness.

“It is my dream child.”

“Spirits don’t dream!” Morgan stomped her foot, but there was doubt in her voice. She turned back to look at Ash huddling in the rain. He looked as miserable as she felt.

“I think he could use some warmth, don’t you?” The Spirit whispered.

Morgan absently nodded and stretched out her arms. She whispered a word made a gesture and a small fire appeared before Ash. He jumped back startled and looked around him suspiciously. “Can he see me?” Morgan whispered as she shrunk back into the trees.

“Only if you want him to.”

Morgan wrapped her arms around herself. On the one hand she had every notion to go out there and give him a piece of her mind. On the other she vaguely knew why he’d done it. She also knew that making that decision had hurt him way more than the effects of that decision had hurt her.

“Can he hear me?” Morgan broke her silence at last, though she knew the answer.

“Only if you want him to.”

Morgan shrank back into the woods. She could still see Ash through the trees. He’d finally stepped closer to huddle by the fire. Morgan began to sing, softly and hauntingly, of Heartache and Hope until at last she let her voice fade away.

“Now child,” Morgan turned back to face the Spirit. It held out, what could only be a hand. “Are you ready to continue your training?” Morgan hesitated. She still wanted to go to Ash, tell him they’d find a way. “Child,” the Spirit was clearly getting restless. “I told your father I would help you. I have given you a last chance at good-bye.”

Morgan looked back. They were standing at the cliffs edge, Ash no longer in sight. “You must choose. Will you be weak or will you be strong?”

“I, I,” Morgan stammered.

“WEAK or STRONG?” The Spirits voice reverberated around her. Still Morgan couldn’t answer. “Weak or Strong Morgan le Fae,” the Spirit whispered as it sent Morgan off the cliff.


“Strong!” I exclaim, startling myself awake just before I hit the water. Moonlight floods the room. Someone obviously found me by the water and brought me home. Dad, I sigh. I sit and listen to the sounds of the night as my heartbeat slowly returns to normal.

I’m sure that was really Ash in my dream, or the Island’s dream I guess. I don’t know if he got my message, or if he listened to it. I can barely understand how he can live with such pessimism. I guess it’s just his way of protecting himself, but I wonder if his pain isn’t greater than mine because of it. Either way I’ll just have to have enough hope for the both of us.

I take a mediation pose and let nature surround me. There is something new here now; Elves. Wasn’t Sarah Morgan’s father an Elf? My mind reaches towards Gloria but quickly pulls away. Apparently Thalion wasn’t dead and apparently they’re still saying their hellos.

I snuggle down under my covers and stare out the window. Who knows what the new day will bring. Just, please, I pray to what ever Gods there be, keep my Ash safe while I train, please. After all the Island has spoken and who am I to question the Spirit of this land?

Morgan Le Fae the breeze sighs as it ruffles the curtains at my window. I sleep.

The End

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