Salty Salvation.

Elves. In general I disliked the Elves. Every elf I had met seemed to be up themselves. For being such similar races Elves and Faeries didn’t really have the best history. They were secretive and never told the outright truth. They felt knowing things was for them only. Lord of the Rings portrayed the Elves about right in my eyes. Just when they were needed they sailed away to preserve their own self proclaimed “Higher” race. This seemed to be to be another classic case of typical elf behaviour. They didn’t quite understand why we would find this kind of thing unreasonable. The elf Gloria had been bettering, with around the same efficiency of a fly desperately ramming itself a window, looked up at me with steel cold eyes recognising my blood. In a way I was pleased. This way we had far more power behind us. Unfortunately the elder generation of the Elves before me would expect to be waited on hand and foot and treated like royalty. I had never liked Elves and firmly doubted I ever would. The younger elf I may be able to warm up to. The difference in the generations was spectacular but then again they didn’t even have to conform to the laws of time did they.

Gloria was wavering and as much as I hated to leave her I felt like a piece of shattered glass flew into my neck. It hadn’t literally but that was the general feeling.

“Her room is up there.” I pointed in the general right direction and talked directly to the younger boy supporting Gloria The elders would completely ignore any instructions I gave them. This was the way I was used to Elves treating Faeries, well Faeries who weren’t at the top of their family lines. Hopefully the boy would know what to do if she did pass out.

“I will return shortly Gloria. For now I think you people may need a little alone time.”


I ran over to my still open bag and grabbed my wallet before running straight into the town Morgan and I had bought our things from. I didn’t care if people saw the speed I was moving at. I needed to anticipate and beat Ash to his next move. As I reached the centre of town rooftops became my method of travel until I reached the small martial arts shop. The man inside let me in even though he was shutting his doors for closing time. I knew what I wanted. A large yet light sword hung on the wall. It had been next to the one I had bought for Morgan and was far more built. The hilt had a small red dragon emblazoned into it and the curved glinting tip was engraved with red fire like design. I had personally wanted the sword for myself when I saw it but Ash needed it. It was a bit long for him and maybe a bit to heavy for now but he would grow to it. I flicked it around a bit admiring its perfect grace before being charged through the nose for it. When Ash returned to us I would take this blade for myself but his own personal training I felt required such a weapon. His own dagger would never be any use for training himself for a real battle.

I threw the magnificent steel over my back as I pounced roof to roof almost like jumping jack flash. The island knew where Ash was headed I simply let it take me there. I ended up at a small wayfarer's house off the side of a road. peacefull and quaint with a small crumbling chimney. I swung through an open window and delicatly placed the sword on the cosy litle bed with lavender sheets along side a small note.

Train with it. I want it back afterwards Boy. You haven’t escaped our next match. Don’t let the weapon down.


I wanted to make the note longer but I felt it would draw from the magic a bit. No matter how fast Ash had run I had beat him to a place he probably didn’t even know he was staying at yet. I was surprised at the level of my own speed. I hadn’t put out energy like that for years. I still had it in me. I heard a woman coming up the stairs and the sound of a very weary Ash. He sounded like he had been crying which automatically made me worry of Morgan. I hadn’t thought of the possibility she knew he was gone. I quietly slipped out again and silently darted back home.

The island all to happy to lead me to the tiny place was not so helpful to guide me back. After several wrong turns I ended up knackered by the edge of a cliff. Water crashed against the sane below me. I had such a temptation to dance the shore with the waves. Which is strange for me as I like to stick to Flames generally. I could have walked down the side of the hill down to where the ground was level with the sand and I could stroll alongside the shore. That’s when I saw a body. Long spun hair tossed around the surface. Whoever it was she was facedown. My exhaustion no longer mattered I tore off my shirt releasing my wings with speed and jumped. A sharp decent followed by a swift curve out to the edge of the sea set my determination higher. I quickly wrapped up my wings before I dropped into the icy salt water. The cold overtook my system but I pressed against the crashing waves set out to hinder my efforts to save the mysterious floating life. Each stroke of my arm stung bitterly as the waves attempted to crush my every muscle. As I gripped the corpse cold skin of the woman I felt a connection I recognised. Morgan.

As I gasped water flooded into my mouth. I went under spluttering, coughing as my lungs shrivelled in the cold. I didn’t let go of Morgan. Using all my might I pushed her onto the shore clutching her in my arms coughing up blood into the glinting sharp sand. I couldn’t see more than outlines as my red eyes struggled with the sudden cold and salty abrasion. She emanated her own heat. Weather or not her unconscious body knew it or not she was using elements to keep herself alive. There was no other source of heat around and the wind seemed to bypass us. Dragging up as much energy as I could I pulled her further off the beach. I needed food and rest neither of which I could have. I found my shirt and lay it over her. It was almost big enough to cover her completely. I myself collapsed beside Morgan.

Hours must have passed when I woke up under the moonlight. Morgan was still next to me and my eyes had managed to push out all the salt.

I carried her until I reached the island. She still stayed in a deep sleep even as I tucked her into her bed.

“I barely made it back to my own room before I passed out. Perhaps I shouldn’t have exerted so much energy to get to Ash. I had even completely forgotten about Gloria.

The End

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