Elven Resurrection

With tears streaming down my face, I  stepped back as Thalion released me. We stood slightly apart, but he held both my hands as I gazed upon my beloved with everything that I was feeling.


The man that had followed Thalion out of the maelstrom cleared his voice. The woman that had appeared with him took a step forward as Thalion turned to face them.

"Gloria, these are my parents, Arthion and Galadriel."

I bowed my head forward slightly, speechless. The last time I saw them they were standing over Thalion's lifeless body.

Suddenly a memory struck my like a lightning bolt. My heart and mind was instantly filled with uncompromising rage. I flew at Thalion's father and pounded his chest with my fists.

"You lied to me! You told me he was dead! Two years, it's been. Two years! My life ended with his until Sarah Morgan was born! How dare you! How dare you!"

I went into total meltdown. No delayed reaction there. Arthion stood there, motionless. He made no sound, nor did he resist the onslaught. He simply stood there and took the punishment without comment. I had no idea if he felt it or not, I didn't care. I poured all the hurt, all the sorrow, all the loneliness and all the grief of the past two years into my pummelling fists.

When my rage had been entirely spent, I felt my body go limp. I vaguely felt warm arms surround me from behind. I didn't need to see who it was to know that it was Thalion. I could feel his presence. The colours of his aura surrounded me with his love, his sorrow, and his gentle compassion.

Thalion lowered me to the exercise mat and knelt beside me as he encircled me with his supportive arms.

"Why....?" I whispered.

Galadriel and Thalion knelt in front of me in order to speak to me face to face. I was vaguely aware of  Mike standing behind me. I couldn't even imagine what must have been going through his mind.

"When I told you that my son was gone, I told you no falsehood. His spirit had departed to his childhood home in the forests of  the Amazon. He left his broken body behind. We took his body back to to heal it and return his spirit to it."

I shook my head to try to clear it.

"H.. how is that possible? Once you're dead, you're dead. Aren't you?"

"Usually, yes."  Galadriel explained.

"Elves are born with a purpose, a destiny. We are a long lived species, almost immortal. If we meet misadventure before our destinies are fulfilled, our spirits may return to the place of our birth to be reunited with our bodies, if our bodies can be healed. We are then free to continue to fulfil our destinies."

I turned to Thalion.

"Why didn't you come to me when you were healed? Where you not allowed?  Where you kept prisoner?"

I shot an accusing look at Thalion's parents.

"No, I was not detained in any way. I came here as soon as my spirit was reunited with my body. My body was damaged by bad magic. It was horribly disfigured and twisted. It took a great deal of time and delicate spells to return my body to its' former health. Time is different in our Elven realm. Two years in the outer world passes in a matter of weeks in the Elven world."

"I was aware of your visits to Sarah Morgan, were you not aware of the passage of time here?"

I asked Galadriel.

"We did not leave our son's side at any time. The presence you felt would be that of my sister, Thalion's aunt. She has been monitoring our grandchild's progress. We are pleased with her reports. "

"Could you not have told me that Thalion was alive?"

"For what purpose? You could not go to him in our realm without forfeiting your own destiny, which was to live on this island until it was time for Thalion to come to you and fulfil his destiny with you."

"What is our destiny?" I asked Galadriel.

"To fight The Evil Van Helsing family when it comes to this island to kill one of its' own."

The End

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