To Ash.

Morgan collapsed. I felt so awful, I hadn’t meant to make her cry. Gloria assured me it was as much physical exhaustion as other matters. That’s when IT happened. We all felt it. Ash most of all. I felt it go at him claws outstretched a surge of pure brutal evil headed straight for the weakest spot in his mind. His worry and love for Morgan. A shimmering wall of presence stopped IT straight in its tracks. It screeched in pure frustration. The noise curdled the very blood that ran through my heart.

He would have no choice now but to tell us what the hell was going on.

I knew the Van Helsing name and reputation well but I was still shocked at the magnitude their experiments had risen to. There was once a day where they ruled with an Iron fist demolishing all evil. The original clan had fought against forces of dark beside my descendants. The stories passed down talked of the extremely talented, over the years they were demolished almost completely leaving a wonderful legacy on the outside. The most recent generations however became obsessed with restoring Van Helsing to greatness.

Before Ash had even finished his tale of woe I had made up my mind. The Van Helsings had to be removed and I definitely wasn’t letting Ash go in alone. There were many reasons for this. The main few revolved around needing him to kill the Van Helsings, which I hated to admit, and Morgan.

If Ash went off to fight alone there was the huge risk he could be killed. If Morgan ran away with him he would definitely be killed, by ME.

Morgan and I would be a lot more use to the boy if Morgan was trained. I could feel she was thinking the same thing. Ok so I didn’t feel it as much as pluck it from her head but she really wasn’t paying enough attention to notice.

I needed to talk to that boy. If he ran like I think he may just do he has to know exactly what he’s in for. Perhaps I would even make him promise to keep building his physique as not to get destroyed.

I was now faced with logic problems which I have never been honestly good at. I could cheat and sneak peaks at the back of the puzzle book answers like a pro but this time there weren’t any written answers. This time I needed to work out how to deal with a very enthusiastic Morgan. On one hand she would be focusing everything on her training so she could join Ash. On the other she would be easily frustrated if there were any hurdles she wasn’t passing quick enough. I really needed Latina to hurry up and arrive. I told Gloria I was getting an Ice pack but she didn’t seem to believe me as I strolled towards the Orchard.

“~Latina?………….. Latina Reply! When are you coming to train Morgan?~”

Finally I felt her and of the link open up.

“~Mike I am not coming. I still marvel how you have taken my lack of reply as a yes~”

I was now extremely confused

“~But Latina you said the other day…..~”

“~I never replied Mike. Now please just leave me to mull this over~” She cut off the link again.

She couldn’t have forgotten already.

“~I will Help the girl~” The new link appeared to be coming from all around me. It’s voice was slightly softer than Latina’s which I would have thought impossible. I quickly severed whatever this link was. I had not given it permission into my mind and right now I couldn’t trust anything unknown. All though I had felt no evil within it. Some form of logical explanation formulated itself in my head but I thought I should confront Gloria about it first. I wondered weather there was any form of spirit living on the island.

As I quickly trotted back to the fighting area I realised I didn’t have an ice pack. Ice was not my thing. I could vaguely use water but cold was definitely not my area of expertise. Gloria eyed me suspiciously when I returned but asked no more. I had on my way back decided what I wanted to say to Ash if he decided to leave . I also decided that Morgan should know the emergency plans yet Ash shouldn’t. I didn’t want him depending on us in a sticky situation. For now I would have to wait and see what was going to happen.

“Van H…. Ash,” I now felt strange calling him Helsing “I want you to know this is Not just your battle.” I was glad in the general unison feeling around me. It seemed Gloria and Morgan weren’t going to just let him walk away either. Besides the boy still had some things to prove to me.

I would let Morgan and Ash have their goodbyes but I would talk to him as soon as I could.

“MIKE!” Gloria gave me the ‘don’t you dare’ eyes as I headed towards Morgan and Ash. I ignored her tastefully as the two turned as my heavy footsteps disturbed the leaves going towards them.

“May I have a moment alone with Ash?”

They looked like they had nearly finished what they needed to say. They could continue their last words after I had talked to him. They didn’t get a chance to protest before I had already seized Ash’s arm and he shrugged his shoulders as I took him off further.

“Right Boy don’t talk.” He looked a little surprised but like a smart boy didn’t ask why. “Now if you decide to leave us to go kill yourself fighting personal daemons you are in no shape to annihilate at least make sure you can plan it well. That was Morgan and I may be able to help you in time. This isn’t just your war anymore Boy.” He opened his mouth to protest before promptly shutting it again. “You think this is how I saw myself spending my next years? The biggest kicker is that if that guy in the queue in front of me at the road bar hadn’t taken so dammed long to order I wouldn’t have missed the bus I was meant to be taking. I would have never met you all. I would probably still be touring America sleeping with old fans. Random events all set us up together and to me that sounds like fate. Like it or not Ash we will be behind you. It’s not just you that needs to get rid of those Monsters.” I rather awkwardly placed my hand on his shoulder. The message was conveyed of strength no matter how uncomfortable we both felt with it. “Besides I’m not finished with you boy.” He looked rather scared as my grip tightened a little on his shoulder. I couldn’t let him lose all respect for me after all. “Now get back to Morgan and say your goodbyes but I swear Ash touch a hair on her head it wont be YOUR family you need to worry about!

I nodded giving him permission to go back to Morgan. I suddenly had the urge to run very quickly as Gloria marched straight towards me. I think she may not have forgiven me for picking her up before. Either that or she had been having a little chat with the island.

The End

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