I could tell you the exact second when something evil found Ash.  He was holding Morgan, trying to calm her, when his aura changed. Not only his, but everyone else's at the same moment. We are all emotionally linked by our love for Morgan.

Anything that effects her, affects all of us. When something evil came looking for Ash,  I could  see tentacles of scarlet, like ropes of blood, reaching, searching, grasping toward the entire group of us. I could feel the island put up an invisible brick wall that the searching thing could not get under, over, or around. It left, screaming its' fury all the way.

I had become attuned to the island. Since Uncle Ben and and Sarah were the official voices of the island, I was in training to be the next generation of voice for the island. It was literally in my blood.

"Ash, I think it's probably a good time to tell us what happened up on Demon's Flats. Now that it knows where to find you, we need to know what it is to fight it off."

Ash turned toward me, still holding Morgan, who had stopped sobbing.

"We?' This is not your fight. I'm sorry that it followed me here, I thought that all of you would be safe on this magical island, but it still found me, so I'll have to go before all the rest of you are put in danger ."


Came out of three throats, all at once. Morgan, Mike and I protested. Mike spoke for all three of us.

"I think you had better tell us what we're up against Ash. We'll need to prepare."

I noticed that this was the first time I had ever heard Mike call Ash by his first name. Mike and I moved closer to Ash and Morgan, to present a united front against the evil, I guess.

"I..I guess I do owe all of you an explanation." Ash said.

The End

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