The Truth Will Out

Ash comforts me as my unwanted sobs wrack my body. I can feel Dad looking at me. He is totally confused. I can’t talk, can’t even try and say something via link. It’s not his fault. This has nothing to do with what he said while we fought.

“I had to get Morgan to fight me somehow,” I hear him say to no one in particular. “How was I supposed to know she'd collapse afterward?”

“Relax,” Gloria responds tersely, “Its as much emotional as it is physical. She’ll be fine, she just wasn’t ready for the intensity of the training.”

I lean into Ash and he squeezes me tighter. Then he jerks his head up and I can feel something. IT stops my sobs in their tracks. I feel a power play between IT and the Island. I look to my Dad, he seems to feel IT as well. The Island wins. IT streams away screaming in frustration and Dad sighs. But ITs left a residue; a residue that is emanating from Ash.

Gently I remove Ash’s arm from my shoulder and take both his hands as I sit before him.

“What was that?” I ask looking at his face.

His eyes snap back into focus. “What was what?” he responds with a smile.

“Ash Van Helsing,” from somewhere inside I find that quiet commanding tone my mother was good at. All eyes focus on me. “I know you felt that presence just as my Dad and I did, only you felt it more, you're still feeling it.” I twine my fingers in his and squeeze them. “We’re linked remember?” I whisper very softly, putting every once of  love I can into that statement.

Dad kneels down to get closer to our level. “So what exactly WAS that all about Van Helsing?” He sounds like an over protective father. I feel him glaring at Ash, looking to stop Ash from dragging me into trouble. It’s too late for that though. My love for Ash has entwined me in his fate, the way my fingers are entwined in his.

We wait for his response.

The End

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