Such a Temper

“Right. Now step up to me and bow, don’t take your eyes off me.” Ash was getting a lot better at keeping a steady gaze.

“Good, now take your position.” I could see Morgan on the side tensing up as she watched Ash take his place.

“Now if Gloria could call out ‘Ajume’ when we are both ready then the match will begin.”

After a few moments and a nod from both of us Gloria called out. Morgan began to bite her thumbnail and Ash came towards me. He was quick but not fluent. His movements were rather jerky as he was obviously not used to actual combat . After he dodged me he would try and get a hit in using his speed as an advantage. His attacks weren’t particularly powerful but they were a lot better than I had expected of him. He made well timed jabs to the side but I couldn’t help feeling he would be more accustomed to fighting with a weapon.

After a minute or so I could see Ash’s tactic was to attempt to tire me out and get in a blow or two after a good dodge. A fair strategy considering our size difference, but It would alas get him nowhere. I decided to speed up my breathing a little to appear a lot weaker than I was. Hidden strength is always far more useful than what is on display. Besides I wouldn’t want him to be too disheartened or hate fighting me. I wanted to be able to kick his butt plenty more times and I just wouldn’t get the same satisfaction if he didn’t try. Now I had worked out what his fighting was like I wanted to know how he dealt with his emotions whilst fighting.

“Whoa where was that shot going? Your meant to be aiming over here.” I laughed at him as he threw another punch, just slightly missing me. He grunted before dodging my next blow and landing a very well placed foot into my side.

“What’s the matter Old man. Am I too quick for you?” He sneered back. He would regret calling me Old!

“Sorry boy I didn’t even feel that last pathetic hit. Now are you going to start fighting like a man or not?” I jeered as I dodged a particularly strong looking punch. I grabbed his outstretched arm and threw him onto his back. He was quickly getting frustrated., before beginning to get a slightly purple tinge to his breath.



“~Stop helping him!~”


I lost concentration as Ash knocked me a few paces backwards.

“Come on Ash! Petey put up a better fight than you!” This comment really wound him up and he came towards me with quite a force. I let him land a couple of shots to see how his technique changed when angered. Morgan again began to calm him down a little. Still Ash continued to wear himself out.

My intentions for this match would have been to see what Ash could do, work out his strategies, let him think he was close to victory and then mock him as he lost through exhaustion. Hopefully it would have kept him motivated to fight me if I let him think victory was just out of reach, maybe even teach him a little. However Morgan piped up from the side lines.

“Is it my turn yet?”

I faintly heard Gloria ring the bell in the distance but Ash and I pay no attention. I wanted to wait until Ash was exhausted and Ash wasn’t going to give up because of a bell. She marched towards us continuing to ring the god dam bell.

“Round one is over!” She yelled at the both of us as we continued to completely ignore her. There was no way either of us could fight with that racket going on. I looked over at Ash who returned the exact same look of annoyance at the Blonde creature disrupting us. Laughing I lifted Gloria up, she hammered and yelled in protest for all she was worth but it made very little difference as I plonked her down next to my next opponent.

“Van Helsing! Get out of that ring.” He grunted disapprovingly at the ending of the fight. “Good match boy.” I called over as he slowly walked towards the disgruntled Gloria. He turned back looking rather proud at the damage it appeared he had done to me.

“Right, does my little girl think she can beat the old man?”

She snapped something back at me as she stormed towards the ring.

“That was an unfair match dad.” Morgan hissed at me as she walked forward.

“Yes it was because you helped him.”

“He needed it the amount you were winding him up!”

“How else will he learn to control it? Besides I fought at his level.” This momentarily stopped her in her tracks but I knew this would not be the end of her accusations at me. We bowed as Morgan slowly took up a fighting stance. May I add she looked about as threatening as a toddler in a sailor suit.

Gloria once again called ‘Ajume’. Morgan didn’t move from her position as I came towards her. I stopped as she stared up at me. Gently I nudged her with my foot and she fell off balance.

“Look you’ll never get anywhere with a stance like that. Try again.” She hurriedly re positioned herself into a slightly more stable position. “Now Morgan, come on, hit me!” She slowly ventured her arm out, it didn’t even reach me properly. I needed to get her fired up.

“Your fight is worse than your lover boy now common hit me!” Her eyes narrowed.

“He is not my lover boy!” This time she swung out with a bit more power but still not nearly enough.

“Liana hit me harder than that last night!” I ventured as another point of annoyance to Morgan. She looked half angry, half morbidly disgusted.

“Your disgusting!” I have to admit the distain in her voice was rather hurtful but still I pressed on.

“Oh come on, don’t tell me that George guy never had company.” I barely managed to finish my sentence before I had a large gust of wind struck out of me. I looked up to see Morgan standing in a very fierce pose, her hair messily sprawled across her forehead and a very menacing look on her face.

“Oh so he did have company then?” Again she struck out at me with her foot, this time however I was expecting it. Her speed was intense. I found myself moving at a speed granted to me by my faerie genes to keep her from hitting me. Ash and Gloria cheered and hollered from the side lines as Morgan advanced like a hurricane towards me.

“Very good, now I want to see you counter!” I called over the flurry of fists that was my daughter. I threw a shot into her and she stumbled backwards. She heavily panted and she watched for my next move. This amount of speed was obviously not natural for her. Her attacks didn’t pack as much as Ash’s did but with More physical training that could easily be improved. Gloria seemed to snap out of the trance the fight seemed to have put her in and desperately rung the bell when she realised what the time was. We hadn’t been fighting nearly as long as Ash and I but she had really given me a lot more of a run than I thought she would.

“Well getting you to fight me was a lot easier than I thought it would be.” I laughed as the realisation dawned that I had just managed to get her to really put out on physical training.

The End

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