Round Two

Morgan stood up and declared,

"Is it my turn?"

I stood up and rang the bell to end the round. I had been so engrossed in the sparring session that I had forgotten to time the rounds and ring the bell.  The two guys ignored the bell, so I strode in between the two and rang the bell as loud as I could.

"Round one is over! Round one is over!"

I shouted as Mike and Ash circled me and tried to get in jabs at each other around me. I grabbed Ash 's arm and pulled him out of the rectangle that I had marked off with stakes this morning.

"Hey. I'm not done here!"

Ash complained as he pulled his arm out of my grip.

"Oh yes you are. Round one is over!"

I could see by Ash's aura that he was nearly done in, but he would rather die than let Mike think he was a weakling.

Mike walked over to me and bodily picked me up and carried me out of the ring, as he laughed heartily.

"Put me down you big hairy galoot!"

I pummelled the two huge hands that had a firm grip on my waist, with absolutely no effect whatsover. He sat me down beside Morgan who was unsucessfully trying to stifle her laughter. As my best friend she was felt she'd be disloyal if she laughed, but it must have been a pretty funny sight to see a huge blonde biker dangling a petite teenager by her waist in mid air.

Ash headed back toward the ring, but Mike stopped him with a shout.

"Van Helsing!"


"Get out of the ring! The round is over didn't you hear the girl?"

Mike grinned and winked at me. He probably knew that I could tell that he was only giving in for Morgan's sake.

As it was, Mike was impressed at how long Ash had lasted, in spite of the fact that he had been so recently torn up by that demon on Demon's Flats. Mike walked over to face Morgan and held out a hand to her.

"So do you think you can beat the old man little girl?"

This annoyed Morgan, so she she ignored Mike's  hand.

"I am NOT a little girl!"

She grumbled to herself as she walked past Mike toward the ring.




The End

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