Ben leaned his elbows on the two foot thick casement window sill of the castle. He watched Gloria meet up with Ash. and walk toward a big old oak tree on the lawn of the hospital. He watched Morgan into healing mode as she used Gloria's and the tree's strength. It was quite impressive to watch. Ben could see auras too, and Morgan's was like a lazer light show.

He closed the window and headed toward the bank of hidden elevators. It was all well and good live in an historic castle, but he wasn't willing to give up his creature comforts either. He headed toward the kitchen to see what he could forage for a good snack.

He smiled as he thought back to the lecture he had given Ash and Mike. When he had the two of them alone in a room out of ear shot, he stood before them, hands folded behind his back completely at ease. He stared at both of them until his eyes watered, but neither one backed down. Finally he had cleared his throat, and glanced away from them. this gave them permission to look away as well.

"I suppose you two are thoroughly proud of yourselves, beating the crap out of someone that doesn't have the brains of a grown up, not to mention delusional. He actually believed that Morgan cared for him."

Ben had not spoken loudly, but the message was getting across just the same. Both men stood their ground and listened without arguing or trying to explain themselves. They knew they were in for a lecture, but they stood there and took it with the courage that Ben had expected of them.

"I suppose that Petey had it coming to him for clubbing Morgan like that, but you lost control Mike. You lost your sanity momentarily in defence of Morgan. If the island hadn't intervened, you would have killed Petey. You would have paid dearly for Petey's death.n The island would have swallowed you whole, and you would have been buried alive. Not only you, but Ash, Morgan, and Petey's body would have just disappeared as the earth beneath you opened up. It would be a horrible way to die, I imagine."

Ben watched the reaction of Ash and Mike go from calm acceptance of the lecture, to horror as they were told about there possible fate.

"Why would Ash and Morgan be swallowed too? Petey started it all, they were innocent victims."

Mike burst out in dismay, trying desperately to keep his temper down.

Ben nodded on his way down to the kitchen as he remembered Mike's reaction to the seeming unfairness of the island's response to murder.

 "In order to understand the island's sense of justice, you would have to know a bit about the island itself.

The inner core of the castle had once been a small monastery where monks had fled to escape religious persecution. there were some rumours that it might have been a Druid site way back in history. This island exists in and of itself. It answers to no government or country. It has powers of its' own. It was created with the help of a number of Elven clans, to give them safe Haven when humans began cutting down their home forests for land development. Peace island must remain at peace.. always, so whenever violence breaks out, the islands stops it.. cold. Morgan started the chain reaction by kissing Ash, then Petey hit Morgan in a jealous rage. Ash attacked Petey, then you arrived Mike, and took matters into your own hands. The way the island sees it, each and every one of you had a part in the violence. If you hadn't listened to the islands pleas to stop Mike, it would have been all over for all four of you."

Both men were white as paste by this time. Ash still wasn't healed from his battle with the demon, but he made himself stand for the duration of the lecture through pure grit. Mike glanced over at as and saw how close the poor guy was to collapse. Mike took a couple of small steps sideways until he was right up against Ash, subtly giving the younger man a strong anchor to lean on. Ash slouched slightly in Mike's direction.

"Just so you understand, there is to be no further violence toward young Petey. He will be healed by the island and sent home. He probably won't even remember a lot of it. In any case, he would never be able to get on the island again. Nobody knew that Petey had been watching from the woods when everyone from the helicopter went int the house. He snuck onto the helicopter and hid in the back. He waited to see if Morgan was going to come on board. If she hadn't, he would have gotten out and went home. Since she followed the gurney with Ash on it, Petey stayed on the helicopter till they landed, and everyone else was gone. Then he went looking for Morgan. The two of you can go now. Just bare in mind that the island will not tolerate violence."

Mike and Ash separated almost simultaneously. The fact that Mike had given Ash his support when it was really needed meant everything to Ash. It made him look at Mike through different eyes. He wasn't exactly an ally, but Ash now knew that Mike probably didn't hate him outright. They both left the chamber chastened, but better for it.





The End

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