In Trouble

Ash and I stood there whilst Gloria's Uncle Ben talked me through the technicalities of island rules. I hadn't really realised the extent of the island. This island was a lot more complicated than I had imagined. The island had more than a spirit. It had its own energy and life.

"Not only you, but Ash, Morgan, and Petey's body would have just disappeared as the earth beneath you opened up. It would be a horrible way to die, I imagine."

"Why would Ash and Morgan be swallowed too? Petey started it all, they were innocent victims." I burst out I couldn't believe I had been that stupid. I had almost sacrificed Morgan’s training on the island over that boy. Doesn't mean I regret teaming with Ash to pummel the creep.

"The two of you can go now. Just bare in mind that the island will not tolerate violence."

Ash and I were finally released from the room. Morgan and Gloria had gone to check out Morgan's head Aunt Sarah had told us. Ash wandered off towards the hospital direction. However I decided to wander over to the kitchen to see if ... Dam what was her name again. I needed to write that down. Well anyway to see if she had finished her shift.

A wave of calm overtook me as I passed through the Orchard.

"~Hello Mike~" A soft voice whispered through the trees only for my ears. She was finally replying.

"~Hello Latina. You finally decided to talk to me then.~”

A few moments later her next answer reached me. “~I have decided to help the girl~” I smiled as she cut off the link. She never was one for talking.

“Mike?” I was suddenly very confused again.

“Latina?” I spun around in the orchard looking for her as the voice was most defiantly not coming over link.

“No” A girl waved over at me from the ground at the base of a tree. My memory desperately whirred as I tried to remember her name. It was the kitchen girl. “It’s Liana.”

“I knew that!” She giggled flirtatiously at me again. She was extremely attractive for her late twenties possibly early thirties “So what are you doing here?”

“I leave for my holidays tomorrow, I’m just spending some time relaxing before I go.”

“Well, maybe I can help.” I shone my smile again. Looked like it hadn’t lost it’s touch since my show days.


“You look happy. Someone must have gotten a good nights sleep.” Ash said practically skipping past me as I came down the stairs.

“I could say the same about you. Except there really wasn‘t much sleeping done with me.” I smirked at him as Liana came down the stairs behind me sliding her dainty arms around my neck. I didn’t care about Ash’s little comments today.

“Good one” Ash mouthed at me nodding at the sleepy looking Liana.

Morgan hurried past as fast as she could deliberately turning her head away from me and Liana. Ash scuttled after her looking concerned. He seemed very well and had a sharp turn of speed all of a sudden.

I waved Liana off as her taxi left before I joined everyone else for breakfast. Morgan dashed away from the table leaving half a grapefruit.

“Morgan!” I boomed before she got too far. “Come back here and finish your breakfast, you’ll need it for sparing this afternoon. “ She reluctantly slunk back and silently ate her grapefruit without looking me in the eyes once. I think she had found it a bit embarrassing to know I had spent the night with Liana. I suppose I am her father after all. She looked slightly worn out. Still I noticed her head was completely healed. I almost choked as I inhaled a cornflake.

“Your head?” She didn’t say anything still and pretended to have a mouthful of food.

“~Morgan don’t ignore me~” She looked up startled as I spoke to her through link.

She closed her eyes and furrowed her head as she tried to speak back to me through it. “~She was young enough to be my sister dad!~”

“~That doesn’t answer my question, and you don’t need to shout. Your concentrating too hard~”

“~Oh, uh sorry~” She unwrinkled her brow “~It’s nothing. Apparently I’ve just healed myself is all~”

I looked at her. She had no idea how major that was. Still I won’t tell her yet. I don’t want her to feel like a freak or get scared by her own powers. I realised Ash was no longed using crutches.

“~And Ash?~”

She looked down again. “~Yes I helped him out ok and I fainted~”

“Young lady! Do you know how DANGEROUS that could have been!” I realised I was no longed talking through link. People on the tables around started looking over at me.

“I still did it though didn’t I” She was slightly hissing through her teeth at me. “Besides I used the strength of an oak tree to help me.”

“Morgan did I ever mention using nature to support you in healing?”

“No, I guess I just thought it would be logical.” Her watch began to beep. “Look dad I’ve got to go ok.”

“Ok, I’ll see you for training this afternoon.” I was still slightly in awe. Morgan had a talent, that was for sure. I wondered if the island had been helping her a little by drawing her to the Oak tree. She was obviously still annoyed at me for last nights accomplishments.


Morgan and Ash were already sitting outside on the speciality woven bamboo mats I had acquired at the martial arts shop.

I had admittedly fallen asleep for longer than I had intended. Ash and Morgan must have gone out and gotten Ash a fighting outfit. His looked a little a worn as if it was second-hand. I suppose they wouldn’t have had enough for everything new.

I carefully hid Morgan’s sword in its box in my bag. I wasn’t sure if we would get to that today or if my challenge would be to actually get her to fight.

“Right you two were going to warm up with some yoga and ti-kwondo first. Follow me.”

Ash seemed to be having some trouble with the balance and stretching. It looked like he defiantly wasn’t used to this.

“Right now who’s first then?”

After a couple of moments silence Ash eventually stood forward. I would enjoy taunting him. I didn’t intend to actually hurt him too much until I had actually taught them both something. The first round would be me seeing what they can do. Of course I would enjoy humiliating Ash and possibly bruising him a little.

The End

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