Healing Ash

I am silent as Gloria and I walk out. Did I really heal myself? I was knocked out, so it had to have been a hard blow. Yet judging by the doctors and nurses reaction, what shows isn’t as bad as they think it should have been given the circumstances. Which leaves me but one choice to find out; I have to ask my Dad, or Ash what my wound was like before I healed it.

“Your thinking again,” Gloria gives me a little shake. I realize I must have been furrowing by brow in thought.

“Do you think I healed myself?”

“Absolutely,” she’s full of confidence for me. It makes me feel more confidant. “Ash, come here.” Gloria quickens our pace to Ash who is making his way back to the hospital. Judging by his expression he got a good talking to. My heart can’t help flip flop, knowing he did what he did to defend me. I really need to learn how to defend myself.

“What?” he asks in a dubious voice. “I already got an earful from your Uncle Ben about what I did..”

Gloria interrupts him. “No, no, no, look at Morgan’s head.” She halls me around and pulls back my hair from over my wound. They never put the bandage back on.

“What the,” Ash comes closer and examines my head. My cheeks flush at the attention.

I pull back muttering, “it’s nothing, really.”

“She healed herself,” Gloria states mater of factly.

I can feel Ash still looking at me in disbelief. “Faerie Magic?” My heart skips a beat. He remembered I said that.

“Exactly!” Gloria confirms him.

“It probably wasn’t that bad,” I’m muttering again.

“Not that bad?” Ash exclaims, “It was bleeding and you were knocked out cold, and…” his fists clench in anger as he begins to mutter.

“Never mind that,” Gloria says, “I bet Morgan could heal you.”

Both Ash and I look at her astonished. “Do you think she could?” He asks hopefully.

“Absolutely.” Gloria is beaming at me. I’m wondering exactly what she’s signing me up for. Dad hasn’t gone over any healing stuff and he mentioned having to get me a trainer for that. But if I’ve already done it for myself…

“Would you be willing to try?” Ash sounds eager. I can’t really blame him, after all we are supposed to spare with Dad. It would be easier to do so if he’s fully healed.

“Um, okay.” I look around an spot a large oak tree. “Over there.” I point and head in that direction. Gloria and Ash follow. I place a hand on the oak tree and feel its strength. Its leaves rustle, telling me that it will lend me that strength. “Lie down Ash,” I ask not turning around. I hear him comply.

“What do you want me to do?” Gloria asks.

I turn and face her, “sit on the other side, and if I reach for you take my hand and lend me strength.”

“How do I do that?”

I laugh, “I don’t know.” Ash sits up his face concerned. I kneel next to him and smile. “Lie down,” I say gently. I can feel strength flowing the tree and confidence from Gloria. “If I could keep you alive on Devil’s Flat, I ought to be able to heal you,” I whisper in my quietest voice.

My world goes purple as I run my hands above Ash’s body. Energy gently swirls from my fingers and touches each injury. His cells guide me, helping me know where to focus my energy. I wish I’d actually finished the anatomy class I had been taking in college. This would make more sense if I did. Still his cells know what needs to be done. If I follow their guidance, help them speed the healing process, this will work. In a way it’s like connecting with nature.

At last I pull back. I feel as though I’ve been doing yard work for at least eight hours. I lean against the tree my face up turned to catch the sunlight as it flits through the leaves.

“Wow that was amazing!” Gloria exclaims.

I stifle a yawn as I look back at them. She had obviously enjoyed watching what ever color show my aura had put on. I smile slightly. “Did it work?”

“Work?” Ash is slowly sitting up. Gloria comes to my side as he does a system check of his body. She helps me stand, just as Ash jumps up. “I’m healed!” He picks me up and starts spinning me around. I hear Gloria giggling. I know I’m turning beet red. He stops and sets me down just as suddenly. “Sorry,” he grins, “but see?” Ash does, what I can only guess is a jig of happiness. Gloria and I laugh. But my laugh turns into a yawn. The last thing I hear before I faint from exhaustion is both of them calling my  name.

The End

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