Apology Accepted?

I am glad to have Gloria’s hug. It calms me down. I think the worst part about what I had to say was Ash’s reaction. I guess being linked with him doesn’t necessarily mean he can read me the way I’ve been able to read him. I would at least think my dreams would have told him something. I sigh.

“Have you had you’re head checked out yet?” Gloria asks.

I watch her Uncle usher Ash and Dad out of the room. Aunt Sarah looks at me concerned. “I don’t know, I just remember being hit in the head and then, I woke up here.”

“Gloria why don’t you take her over to the hospital to make sure she’s okay.”

“Sure thing Aunt Sarah.” Gloria stands up and helps me off the bed.

“What about Sarah Morgan?”

“Oh, there are plenty of us here lined up to watch that little bundle of joy.” Aunt Sarah smiles at me, reminding me of my grandmother. I wonder how her project is going. Gloria smiles and leads me out. In another room, I hear the stern voice of Uncle Ben lecturing Ash and Dad.

“What’s that all about?” I whisper.

“Oh,” Gloria says, “this is Peace Island you know, it likes to stay at, well, peace. Aunt Sarah says that once Petey’s well enough to leave, he won’t ever be able to come back.”

“Oh,” I smile. I knew I liked this place for a reason.

“Unfortunately it also means your Dad and Ash could have been swallowed by the Island if they had killed him.”

“Oh,” I frown. That wouldn’t have been good.

“So Uncle Ben’s just telling them what’s what so they don’t make that mistake again.” Gloria beams at me brightly as we step outside.

The sun feels like heaven on my back as we walk to the hospital. Gloria checks me in, though I know the nurses here well enough I could have done it myself. She does have a habit of speaking for me. I should probably let her know I am trying not to be so shy. It really sucks only being able to giggle and give short responses to Ash’s witty comments. How am I supposed to ever get to know him, or worse, tell him how I feel, if I can’t talk to him. Then a voice interrupts my thoughts.

“Morgan?” Petey’s tone is much more subdued than it was earlier. He didn’t call me honey.

Still I’m scared, I turn with Gloria, clutching her arm. For someone I had presumed to have been beaten to a pulp Petey has very few casts.

“What do you want Petey?” Gloria spits out, her voice is acidic. I squeeze her arm before she can say more. I must be able to defend myself. After all, there are a lot of people milling about and Pete Jr. wouldn’t try something here.

“Yes Petey?” Somehow I keep my voice from wavering.

Petey stops a bit in front of us, arms resting on his crutches. His head is bowed, while I look at him. It’s a strange reversal of roles. “Ya don’t remember my asking ya to be my girlfriend?”

I shake my head, “No I don’t Petey.”

“And, that Ash guy,” I hear him swallow, “Ya like him?”

“Yes.” I squeeze Gloria’s arm again sensing that she was about to blurt something out. Why is he asking all this?

He hobbles closer and Gloria steps between us. “Don’t you even…”

Petey’s head shoots up, “I ain’t gonna hurt her again. I ain’t never meant to hurt my Morgan.” His eyes flash with anger, his voice chokes on sadness. He looks past her to me. His eyes soften and I swear I hear his heart break. “Goodbye Morgan. If ya ever need me, ya know where I be.” Turning slightly, he hobbles out the door.

Gloria and I look at each other. All I can do is look at her, mouth open but no words, and shrug.

“Morgan Wilfred?”

Gloria and I follow the nurse. They take the bandage off my head and examine the wound. I’m scanned twice and the pictures are seen by at least three doctors and seven nurses.

“You got hit with what again?”

“An ten inch monkey wrench.” I repeat for what feels like the umpteenth time.

“You’re sure about the size?”

“Yes,” in all the years I’ve known Petey, he’s never carried anything else. Not since his Dad got him working in the auto body shop.

“Well, you must have a magic healing capability, because we can’t find any damage.” The doctor beams at me. Magic healing, did I actually heal myself?

“So she’s good to go then? Gloria asks.

“Fit as a fiddle, far as we can tell. Though I recommend she take a week or so off, just to be sure she’s fully healed. I’ll let Margret know.”

“Thanks.” I sigh and get off the table. Maybe now I’ll get a chance to actually try and talk to Ash.

The End

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