Creeped Out Petey

Petey lay in the hospital bed. He kept reliving that moment over and over. Morgan kissing that Ash guy. Petey hitting her with his wrench. That Ash guy pummeling him. And if that hadn't been bad enough Ghost Wheeler had arrived and nearly finished Petey off, branding his arm with his own monkey wrench. Petey would have started to cry if he could.

Big boys don’t cry, he muttered to himself. Petey twitched. Something was watching him. He didn’t like it. It felt creepy. Petey twisted his head back and forth. Where were the darn nurses? It felt like someone had opened a window. That’s when the voice started whispering to him.

It asked Petey questions. Questions Petey didn’t want to answer. Of course he loved Morgan. She was his girlfriend. He was gonna marry her. They were going to have a family. Deep down she felt the same. He was sure of it. She’d never said nothin against it. No, she hadn’t said nothin for it, but silence is acceptance.

That’s when the voice whispered one last thing before it left. “‘If you love her, you ought to leave her in peace”

Petey needed to get home. Petey had loved Morgan since before that Ash guy had met her. He wasn’t given up yet. He just had to go home and, what was that word, recoup. Hurting Morgan wouldn’t get her back. That had been stupid, acting without thinking. That sort of thing got Petey in trouble. Petey needed a new plan.

The End

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