Haddie's Reflections

Haddie hung up the phone. Mike’s news wasn’t pleasant. She’d known that she was going to get a phone call. She was just grateful that Morgan was okay. But Pete Jr. was another matter. What was she going to tell his father?

Haddie’s mind wondered back to that fateful night at the Asylum. She’d been called in pretty quickly, but she’d only made it as far as town. Pete Jr. and Sr. had taken her the rest of the way.

Haddie's only daughter had been taken from her and her granddaughter had been left in a trance like state. Even she, who Morgan told everything to, couldn’t get a response from the girl. So Haddie had asked Petey to drive her home from the Asylum. She felt she could trust Petey with Morgan and she needed Pete Sr. with her.

For the next two weeks Morgan barely ate or drank. She didn’t respond to anyone or anything. Petey kept coming by asking how she was. Haddie had never paid attention to how he’d phrased his questions, but now, she realized, he’d always asked how his Morgan was doing.

Yet Haddie never found out if anything had happened between Morgan and Petey. Morgan had no knowledge of those two weeks. Then the nightmares had started and Haddie forgot about it. Knowing that Pete Jr. stopped by the farm randomly while she was at work was comforting. Someone would hear if Morgan needed help. Haddie hadn’t realized how Pete Jr. perceived it.

Poor Morgan, so afraid in her shell. Not only did she avoid Petey, but she wouldn't dare look at him. She'd had never seen exactly how he looked at her. But then again, Morgan had been claiming he was creepy ever since she was thirteen.

Haddie was baking, but nothing was coming out right. Everything was burnt. Just as it had been in those two weeks after her daughter’s death. Haddie set her hands on the counter, spread out, and hung her head. She cried. It had been a horrible night with repercussions far beyond her understanding.

The End

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