The Island

I was sitting on pins and needless while I waited for aunt Sarah to watch Sarah Morgan for me. I had a really really bad feeling about that vision I had about the blond guy and Ash.

When Aunt Sarah came in, she had the housekeeper, Delores in tow.

"Delores agreed to stay with Sarah Morgan, Gloria. We have to get to the hospital right now!"

"Whaa..what happened?"

"Morgan's been hurt, and Ash too I think. Mike went crazy  and nearly killed some guy from  Morgan's home place."

I stood up and handed Delores Sarah's ducky teething ring.

"If she  fusses, let her suck on this for a few minutes. If she's done sleeping, she'll be hungry. I've got a dish of mashed food in the fridge in the kitchen. Just have one of the staff microwave it and send it up by the dumbwaiter."

"Okay, I'm all set  missy. You go and do whatever it is you have to do. "

I grinned and headed for the door. I had spent most of my summers here while  I was growing up. We could have lived here all the time, but my mom and aunt Sarah had a real falling out when my grandmother died, and she refused to have anything to do with the rest of our family. It took a good deal of whining on my part to let me go to aunt Sarah's place. I think she only gave in because she couldn't afford to pay a babysitter for me every summer.

In the elevator, Aunt Sarah explained what was going on. I burst into tears when she told me that Morgan had been bashed in the head with a wrench.

"How do you know all this Aunt Sarah? Were you there?'

"No, but I could see it in my mind as it happened, even though I was miles away. The island sent me the images."

"The island? You told me a bit about the island when I was younger, but I don't remember too much about it."

"As you know, this island exists in and of itself. It answers to no government or country. It has powers of its' own. It was created with the help of a number of Elven clans, to give them safe Haven when humans began cutting down their home forests for housing projects. There's a lot more to it than that, but all you need to know is that Peace island must remain at peace.. always. Whenever violence breaks out, the island intervenes. If the combatants don't respond to pleas to stop, the island would simply have opened up and swallowed up everyone involved."

"You mean Ash, Mike and Morgan would have been swallowed up too, even though Petey started it?"

"Yes, I think so. There has only been two other interventions in the last hundred years. In the last case, the family of one of the combatants submitted a plea for mercy to the high court, and both fighters were returned, but they were never the same after that."

"I'm really glad that Mike was able to stop."  I said as I heaved a sigh of relief.

We entered Mike's chambers just as Morgan finished explaining why Petey thought that Morgan was his girl friend. I ran to Morgan and put my arm around her. She was weeping hard,and trembling. It took a great deal out of her to make such a long speech in front of people she didn't know well. As I tried to calm Morgan, I could see that Uncle Ben had joined us, and had taken Mike aside.

My uncle Ben was the official spokesperson of the island, and I'm pretty sure he had a lot to say about Mike's loss of control, even though the violence was absolutely justified.

The End

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