An Anger Intervention.

"Ash! What the hell do you think your doing?" I grabbed his arms and wrenched him away from the wimpering Pete.

Thats when I saw her. My Morgan slumped on the ground. A slow trickle of crimson ran its way down the left of her face. I dropped Ash stunned and droped to Morgan's side. I slid one of her eyelids up to reveal deep swirling purple eyes. He body was attempting to heal itself. Unconcious it wouldn't get very far but at least it would stop her losing any vast amount of blood. I could feel the fire inside me rise up.

"Who did this?" I managed to sound calm pushing the anger back down into the rest of my body. My fists clenched causing my nails to gently peirce and draw blood from my own skin. A small droplet landed on Morgans cheek. My much darker crimson blood mingled with her own on her soft pale skin and continued to trickle down to the awaiting ground.

"Why don't you ask him." Ash spat repositioning his crutch and clutching his arm, staining his own shirt with Pete's redneck blood. He seemed to be enjoying watching Pete sqirming in uncontrolable pain on the ground.

"You." The anger was now surging all throught my body. Ash jumped back as quick as his cruch would allow. I was aware my skin was now glowing with furious red  fire like a hot poker. I grabbed the front of Pete's shirt and wrenched him off the ground. Holding him at arm length "What did you do to my daughter!" It wasn't really a question, all I knew was that he had attempted to hurt my baby girl. I began to incant.

"Saur mithen, fragt shiba pyth.."

Pete let out an ear shattering screach as his clothes began to scorch into his skin. I made sure he got a good long look into my eyes. There was no pupil, no white, just internal fire licking to escape. He would pay for touching Morgan. I streched out a burst of flame to grasp the wrench. It began to glow with the same scolding heat that I was self consumed by. I turned it over in my free hand and rammed it sraight into Petes forearm. I pressed it deep into his skin before letting it clatter to the ground as he passed out. The tool had left a weaping, bloody, red wrench shaped brand on his skin. I threw him to the ground again several feet away. I heard another ear pleasing crunch as he landed on his broken and branded arm.

"Mike!" Ash came as fast as he could towards Pete an evil gleam in his eye.

"Stay out of this ASH!" My voice boomed across to . He caught sight of my eyes as I snapped my head round. He froze in his tracks taking in the sheer magnitude of flame that aided me. I continued to make my way over to Pete.

I to froze in my tracks when a subtle, quiet yet comanding voice whiped around my ears in a gust of wind. The island was begging me to stop the blood. The real distress in its voice seemed to sooth the fire I had built up around me. My eyes slowly faded back to their normal colour and I cooled myself down. The island was right. Pete was broken enough for now, I forget how powerful I can be when I my elements anger joins with my own.

"Ash!" I still boomed. "Tend to Morgan, and get a bandage across her head." He was already by her side as I finished my sentance.

"Uh, Mike?"

"What is it?" I ran over to a very confused looking Ash.

Her head wound had stopped bleeding and was already a considerable amount smaller than it was miniutes ago. Her eyes had returned to their natural colour. I tried to wipe some of the fast drying blood from her cheek to find I was only smeering more on.

A Nurse ran out screeching at the sight of the now very limp Pete. He appeared to be slipping in and out of counciousness. They quickly brought him inside and brought out another strecher for Morgan. I shook my head gently and told her Morgan's minor head injuy would be tended to in my room. She made me promise to take her back in to the hospital in a day or two to have it checked up on before rushing off to join the other nurses tunding to Pete.

I cooled myself off more and gently picked up Morgan and slowly took her back up to my room. Ash followed behind as quick as he could. He had done a very comendable job of beating the brains out of Pete. Although to be honest I didn't suspect there would be a large amount to force from his head.

I lay her softly down on my bed. I didn't think it would be right to let Ash into her room. I was getting too old to be using power as ferociously as that.

I took this time to study Ash as he cared for Morgan. He fetched a bowl of water and softly washed the blood from her face. He made sure there wasn't anything in her wound before bandaging it. He even made sure there was a glass of cold water by the bed incase she was thirsty when she woke up. I trusted him with her whilst I went for a shower to rid myself of red stains and the smell of blood. Besides after what he had just seen I really didn't think he was stupid enough to try anything.

I returned to the room in fresh clothes to find Ash flat out asleep next to a still unconcious Morgan. He had obviously drifted off whilst watching her sleep. He was on the other side of my double bed to her. Innocently enough for me to just smile. I would never admit it to Ash but I would be very pleased if he managed to pass my trials and become Morgans boyfreind. I was extreemly happy with the way he had defended her but he still needed to go against me. My mind wandered back to .. Oh gosh what was her name. The kitchen girl. Dammit the one thing I had wanted to remember. I would go back and take a sneaky look at her name tag. I left my sleeping beauty and Ash for a while. I liked that, I would have to mock him by calling him Sleeping beauty when he woke up.

I wasn't sure how long Morgan or Ash would stay out for so I would have to keep poping in every half hour or so.

The End

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