Conered by Petey

My thoughts are a mess. I try to untangle them as I hurry to the hospital, but I can only pull out two threads. It must have been Petey watching me yesterday and Ash is going to hate me.


Petey got tired of waiting outside the Maternity Ward. He hadn’t seen Morgan in the windows. Maybe today was her day off. Schedules were confusing. He lopped towards the castle where she was staying. Petey caught sight of her. She looked worried. Petey figured that Ash guy had upset her. Well he knew how to take care of that.


An arm wraps around my shoulders and a voice I am dreading to hear drawls out “Morgan honey, what’s got you upset?” Petey is trying to lead me off the path.

A part of me wants to tell him off, but most of me is scared to death of what he’ll do. “Nothing,” I mumble, managing to step away from his arm. His grip wasn’t tight.

“Now Morgan honey,” his voice drips with sticky sweetness that disgusts me. “Don’t you think it’s about time to come home?”

“Home?” I start backing up the way we came. My mind reaches for Ash, Dad, Gloria, anyone who can help.

Petey smiles at me. “That Ash guy you saved, well he seems all healed and stuff now, ya did good.” He pats my shoulder like I’ve been a good dog. “You know I been good to ya, letten you go off to college and such.”

“Good to me?” My voice squeaks. I back myself into a tree. Oh Ash, I feel you near, please come help!

Petey moves towards me. “Now Morgan honey,” God does he have to call me that? “Time to come home now, settle down, raise a family.”

“Wha, what are you talking about Petey?” I slide sideways so I’m no longer against the tree. Petey grabs my arm. I can feel his finger pressing into my skin.

“Damn that Ash guys really has gotten to ya hasn’t he.”

Petey has gone plum crazy, I can’t follow his logic. I’m beyond creeped out. I’m petrified. Ash!

“Morgan honey, you’re my girlfriend, don’t you remember?”

“No, no I don’t.” I wrench my arm from him and turn to run, smack into Ash. “Ash, I love you” I throw my arms around him and kiss him.


Morgan kissed that Ash guy right in front of him. Right in front of him; he, Petey, her rightful boyfriend.

“Why you cheating wench!” Petey screamed. Without thought he pulled her off Ash as his other hand brought his trusty monkey wrench around. It connected with Morgan’s head.

Both men watched Morgan fall, but her eyes were on Ash. No sooner had Morgan hit the ground than Petey turned to Ash.

“Look what you made me do!” He screamed at him. Full of fury he swung that monkey wrench back around.

The End

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