Girl Talk

"Hush little baby, don't say a word, mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird, and if that mocking bird don't sing...."

I  sang as I sat in the big old rocking chair by the crib, and rocked Sarah Morgan. She wasn't crying, just sort of tiredly whimpering. I had tried every sort of of teething ointment known to man, with only temporary relief.  Sarah's pediatrician said that her molars were coming in, and that's why she was having such a hard time.

It was so nice to see Morgan. It was also good to have a nice nap after she left. I'm pretty sure she used her Faerie magic to ease Sarah Morgan's pain. I saw a sudden flash of mauve when she touched the baby's cheek. It was the same shade of Mauve when she linked with Ash in the helicopter before the medics chased her away.

It was nice to have a female friend. The girls in school thought that I was snobbish, because I avoided them. The real fact was that I instantly knew which ones were trustworthy, and which ones weren't. So far, Morgan was the only girl that I could trust with my secret. There was more than just the aura thing. I was psychic too.

I had premonitions, but I wasn't always able to interpret them. The dream I had about Morgan being in trouble, was just flashes. There was nothing solid I could connect to.

I heard a gentle rap on the door, so I put Sarah Morgan in her crib,  and went to answer it.  Morgan was standing there with one hand behind her back, with a big grin on her face.

"Hi Morgan. Thanks so much for helping Sarah Morgan on your last visit. we both had a good sleep. "

"Hi Gloria. I'm glad it helped. The magic wears off, so I brought something that will last until all her teeth are through."

She held up the cutest little teething ring with a yellow rubber ducky handle on it. Morgan gave it a little squeeze, and it squeaked. That got Sarah's attention! She stood up in the crib, and held on to the railing, while she jumped up and down. She reached one hand out toward Morgan.

"DUCKY!"  She squealed, as she opened and closed her hand in a 'gimmee  gimmee' gesture.

We both laughed, as Morgan came forward and gave Sarah Morgan the ducky. She plopped down on her diaper and stuck the ring part of the ducky in her mouth, as she squeaked the ducky part. She laid down on her back and sucked on the teething ring. Within minutes she was asleep.

I leaned over the railing and took the ducky and put it on her dresser. I would give it back to her after she woke up, but first I had to learn its' properties.

"Will it always make her sleep? I can't give it to her all the time, if it does."

"No, she only fell asleep because she was tired. All the ring does is stop the pain, nothing else. It's safe to give her anytime. It's a good idea to let her chew on it a few minutes before she eats, so that chewing won't hurt her tender gums."

I walked over to her and gave her a big hug. She turned red as I released her. I'd forgotten how shy she was. I tend to be direct, and demonstrative.

"Thanks so much for the teething ring. How did you get the magic in it?'

We sat down on the side of the bed, and she told me everything that had been going on while I had pretty much stayed close to my room, trying to deal with with Sarah Morgan's teething woes. We talked for hours, about everything. I told her about my mom raising me alone, and about Thalion. It was so good to talk to someone my own age about my feelings and concerns.

Aunt Sarah was a terrific listener, but she was my great aunt, old enough to be my grandmother. She was decades away from my teen angst. She tried really hard to understand, and I loved her for that, but what I really needed was a girl my own age to talk to.

Morgan was a wonderful listener. Occasionally I had to make myself stop talking to give Morgan a chance to talk.  I'm not shy, so I don't always remember that it's very hard for a shy person to break in to a conversation.

We talked about Ash, and her dreams, and The Kiss. I was so excited for her. I remembered my first kiss with Thalion. It was magic, literally! as we chatted, I remembered a dream that I had while I was having that nice nap.

"Morgan, I had a strange dream that involves you. There's this guy with dirty blonde curly hair, and he said something about you being his girlfriend. Anyway, he's here, or he's going to be here, and he's going to push Ash around. I haven't figured out if this vision is from the past present or future, though.I forgot about it, with all the other stuff I wanted to tell you, but it popped into my mind just now, and somehow. it seems urgent."

"Oh my gosh, that sounds like Pete Jr. He's a creep! Are you sure he's here, on the island?"

I nodded. I wasn't sure a minute ago, but now I knew that all this was happening now. Morgan jumped off the bed and headed to the door, stopped in her tracks and looked confused.

"Where are they, do you know?"

"In my dream, I saw the outside of the hospital entrance. I'll call Aunt Sarah and see if she'll sit with Sarah Morgan for a little while, and I'll come find you."

"Okay, see you then." She said as she hurried out the door.

The End

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