Creepy Pete

Petey’s head still reeled from the fact that he’d just met and talked to Ghost Wheeler. ‘Ghost Wheeler,’ his life long idle, his hero! And then, then he’d said something about Morgan. ‘My Morgan?’ he’d asked. Petey wracked his brain. Ghost Wheeler certainly didn’t mean that she was his girlfriend, because well, she was Petey’s. Ghost Wheeler was his dad’s age so… Neurons actually fired in Pete Jr.’s brain as he came to a logical conclusion.

‘Ghost Wheeler is Morgan’s dad!’

That thought sent him into a tizzy. Of course she would be. No one else would be suitable for him and who better suited for her than her father’s number one fan. Petey was so giddy he had to sit down.  But in sitting he saw Morgan with that guy. What was his name? He’d heard Grandma B say it. That’s how he’d known to come here. She’d said, oh what did she say?

Petey put a hand on his head, thinking hurt. Ash! That’s what it was and yesterday he’d seen him flirting with Morgan at lunch. Morgan was a good girl. She’d always been faithful to Petey. But there was no need for her to be tempted away from him.

Slowly he stood and brushed himself off. Petey watched them by peaking around a tree. They hugged, she kissed the guy's cheek, then ran inside. Morgan had kissed this Ash guy's cheek? Had she done that yesterday too? Well Petey had obviously arrived just in time.

First he’d tell that guy off then he’d talk to Morgan. She wouldn’t need much persuasion. Morgan was a good girl, faithful to Petey. She probably didn’t realize what was going on. She was just being nice to the guy who’s life she’d save. Petey knew about that. Morgan’d saved his life once. He’d never forget that. That’s why he was her boyfriend. So he could protect her from other guys who might feel the same way, who might not respect his Morgan.

Petey looked back. The guy was pacing nervously outside. Good, Morgan needn’t know. Petey straightened himself up to his full 5’ 8” height and ran a hand through his dirty blond curly hair. He strode up to the guy so that he faced him just as he turned to walk back the other way. Ash stopped.

“Morgan’s my girlfriend,” Petey said thumping his chest with his thumb. “I recommend you stop flirten with her, for I do somethen drastic.” Petey gave the guy a slight shove to unbalance him. Then he turned and walked away at a quick pace. That’d teach him.

Petey went back around to where the Maternity Ward windows were so he could watch Morgan as she worked. He'd talk to her first chance he got.

The End

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