Awkward stalker.

"Thanks, Liana?" I shone her a shining smile. The same smile that had gotten me onto that freak show of a bus in the first place.

"Yeh, you remembered already." She giggled. She was around ten years too young for me but since when has that bothered me.

"If I can remember it tomorrow do I get your number to remember as well?"

She looked at me with fake flirtatious shock. "We'll see." She just giggled at me as I walked off with my tray. She was fairly cute. I would have to remember her name.

As I walked out of the cafeteria I spotted her looking at me. I slowly wandered down the path, my mind wandering back to how many buttons she had undone, and how many more would be if it was up to me.

A familiar face broke my little fantasy.

“Ghost wheels?” Pete Jr. looked up at me with expectant eyes.

“What on earth are you doing here Pete?” My mind vaguely flashed back to Morgan calling him creepy. I had to admit the way he was currently looking at me I had to agree with her.

My question appeared to pass straight over his head. “I, I … never thought I would ever get the chance to meet you!”

“Pete? What are you on about?” I took a small step back.

“You know my name? You must have read all my fan letters.” He grinned from rather large ear to rather large ear.

The sudden realisation that he just called me Ghost Wheeler hit. Another bloody fan!

“Its always great to know people still remember me but I haven’t done a show for around two decades. Please just call me Mike.” Again he didn’t really take in what I was saying.

“Why did you stop riding?” I stopped trying to avoid the subject. Maybe if I just give him his answers he will go away.

“There was an accident.” Before I managed to finish my sentence he cut in again.

“Was it cause that stupid stripper ran out in front of you? I saw the Bike fall on top of you but you threw it off and went to her. They got us all out when the police turned up and we never did get out money back and…” I grabbed some money from my pocket and thrust it into his hands. I was beginning to feel really awkward.

“Pete just please tell me what you are doing here, and she was NOT a stripper.”

“I’m here to see Morgan! She‘s my girlfreind.” He beamed. No wonder Morgan had thought he was creepy. Even I know she has better standards than that.

“My Morgan?”

“Oh I better be going. She will be back at work in a minute. It was so amazing to meet you!” He smiled again before running off. I could only assume he had arranged to meet her. I was really glad he had run off. Firstly if he tried to talk to me about when I was a show rider again I would punch him. Secondly if he was causing Morgan any trouble I would put my kickstand through his throat. Thirdly if he Messed about with Morgan and Ash getting together then I would completely pulverise him. I was going to be the only one who gets to mess up Ash’s head. Besides I quite like Ash. Just because I want to disfigure him horribly while testing him doesn’t mean I would let anyone else mess with them.

The End

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