Men are Boys

I help Ash back on the bed. He’s trying not to look like he’s in pain, but I know he is. What was it my grandmother used to say? Something like, men are always boys and if it wasn’t for us women they’d never survive. I sigh and move to the end of the bed. “Did you really have to do that?” I ask as soon as I know Dad’s out of earshot.

“Do what?” Ash asks trying to sound innocent and pain free.

I place my hands on either side of his ankle. “You know I felt your pain when you did that, right?” I feel his body relax as I ease the pain and hopefully put the foot back to where it was before he tried his stunt. The more Dad teaches me about Faerie magic the easier it is to do.

“You could?”

I look back up at Ash, he seems horrified at the thought. But in glancing up at him I notice the time on the clock. “Damn. I’ll explain later. I’ve got to get back to work.” I give him a quick hug. “Just go easy on yourself, and for goodness sake use the crutch, that’s what it’s there for.” Now I sound like my Grandmother.

Linda and I exchange greetings outside Ash’s door. May she never know the stupidity of what he just did. She’d likely give him a tongue lashing for it. Then again that might serve him right. I frown at the turn of my thinking. I’m probably still upset that no one told me until today that Ash would be joining us tomorrow for sparring.

I am N-O-T, not looking forward to that. Learning how to be one with the weapon and your body was cool. Going over the basic moves was like dancing. But having to use them against another person is something I dread. Nor do I look forward to watching my Dad and Ash spar. I mean, who am I supposed to root for? And heaven help me if my Dad expects me to spar with Ash.

“Morgan, Thank God,” Margret accosts me as soon as I’m in the maternity ward, breaking my thoughts. “Ten women came in early this morning, we need the cabinet and warmers restocked A-sap.”

“Sure thing.”

The End

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