Daemon pillow

I woke up with an incredible yearning for Mrs.B's homemade pies. I'm not sure why I did but It was sure making me hungry. I slowly dragged myself out of bed. God I need a shower before I kill someone with my stench.

Hmm, the water is so warm, It always is here. I really don't want to get out. Still my stomach rumbling forced me to throw a towel round my waist.

"Come in!" I yelled just before a knock hit my door. My link with Morgan had grown considerably in the last few days.

"Hey dad have you got any shaving foam Ash can use? The one at the hospital irritates his skin." I threw her my aftershave reluctantly. I had been thinking about ways for working out Ash's worth. So he had fought a daemon, impressive yeh but it had taken an equally big lump out of him.

I grinned to myself. Fighting the daemon would be like wrestling a pillow compared to me.

After making myself some pancakes I went to see how Ash was doing. I also went to see what him and Morgan were up to. Ash was the first to spot me looking through the window. He glared at me for a couple of seconds before turning his attention back to shaving. Morgan was holding up a mirror for him. I think she must have seen me through that because she wasn’t taking her eyes off him.

He looked a lot better since the last time I saw him. There was even a little more colour in his cheeks. Or was that just because he was with Morgan. I decided to walk in now they had both seen me. They fell quiet.

“Yes dad?”

“Oh I just wondered how our patient was doing.” I managed to fake concern rather well. “You think you’ll be able to do some light training with us tomorrow?” This was the first time I had seen him since I told him he would be joining us in the first place. Morgan looked horrified.

“Ash is joining us?” Her eyes had seriously widened which really didn’t suit her.

“Oh I thought you would have mentioned Ash. He has agreed to join us for some of our sessions to improve his fighting and physic. Isn‘t that right Ash.” I smirked at him. If looks could kill I would have been blown to high heaven right there and then.

“I ….” Morgan looked at him in a worried yet questioning way.

“He hasn’t intimidated you into this has he?” She looked from me back to Ash.

“Intimidated? Me? Ha!” He gave a very shaky laugh. “No I, I’m in fact the one who suggested it.”

Perfect, straight into my hands. I knew he wouldn’t chicken out and show Morgan how scared he is of me. Still its impressive he is willing to go against me to show off. He’s brave but he’s also either stubborn or stupid. Now I could actually test him, maybe I could get Morgan to kick his but. Ha! I like that idea.

Ash begun to stand up. I think he was trying to prove that he was up to it. Both Morgan and I could feel his pain radiating from him. Idiot. He managed to collapse in a swearing heap at my feet. Morgan rushed to him. I handed him the crutches and lifted him to his feet. He would only make himself worse like this. I certainly won't fight an invalid. Anyhow he has all of today to get steady on his feet and to work out what painkillers he really should be on.

"Are your arms both ok?"

"I think so." He growled through his teeth at me as Morgan helped him back over to his bed.

"Good. You'll be able to use a sword then." I shook my head at him and strolled out. Spring in my step just because I can and he can't.

He really had to man up if he thought he would EVER be worth of my baby.

The End

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