Meanwhile Back at the Farm

“A compromise!” Haddie was livid. “I don’t want a compromise. The land is mine, it’s been in the family for over a hundred years, how can you suggest that I sell any part of it!”

The lawyer placed his hand to his temple and massaged it. Mrs. B had been going on and on for over two hours. It was her land and she was not going to sell it. She’d rather go into financial ruin than sell even an acre of her land.

“But what about your grand-daughter Mrs. B?” he asked.

“What about Morgan?”

“She is your only heir, is that correct?”

“Yes,” Haddie crossed her arms. “And she deserves to have this land.”

“And how will she be able to afford to keep it?”

“Get out!” Haddie shouted at him.

The lawyer stood. “Very well.” He left and Haddie very nearly slammed the door on his backside.

Haddie began to bake. It was one of those things that she did when she needed to think. She made apple pie and apple fritters and apple rolls and apple muffins. Apples were one of the only things her farm now still produced. The land had been worked until it could no longer be worked. The effort it would take to make it viable again would place the farm in debt for another 50 or 60 years.

Haddie sighed and packed up her goodies. Three trips to the old station wagon and it was loaded. She took her baking off to town. She slowed as she neared Jordan’s grocery store. He always welcomed her baked goods, as did many of the townsfolk. But she didn’t stop. Instead she went to Pete’s Body Shop. She got out of the car and pulled out the largest of the apple pies.

“Grandma B, my that smells wonderful.” Petey appeared from behind a car, wiping his hands on a rag.

“Good afternoon Petey, is your father at home?”

“He should be back shortly. That pie for us?” Petey was clearly eying the pie. “Where’s Morgan? Did she come back with you?”

“Yes the pie is for you and your dad. No, Morgan didn’t come home with me.” Haddie informed him. “I’ll just go wait for him in the office.”

“Make yourself at home Grandma B.”

Hadie did so and she didn’t have long to wait. She talked with Pete for a little bit before excusing herself. Haddie delivered her goods to various townsfolk. Like Pete and his son, they were all very grateful, and all slightly puzzled.

The End

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